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  • Hi! I'm more than willing to do the Focus Sash + Flame Orb trade for the Torkoal. Mind pointing me to the Discord you use so that we can organise the trade a little more easily?
    Zold, I wanted to ask you about something you have up on your trading thread.

    You say that two Pokemon of the same species have the chance to pass on their Ball to the offspring. So say, take two Dratini, one in a Fast Ball and another in a Beast Ball. It's not dependent on the mother's Ball anymore, but both have a chance now. Are you sure about that?
    Ok, I will test my university's connection with my 3ds in a little bit. If it's too unstable we will have to wait until I am home tonight. :(
    I'm back now should you still be around (plx use PM's for faster response)
    Went through a ton gts snipe fails to get it but finally managed to get a eeasonable Moon Ball Cubone gts trade before it went away. Now I can start and it will be Moon Ball :D

    Also got a Beast Ball Deino for later
    Oh vergeten de natures te melden:

    Drampa - Bold
    Grubbin - Quiet (31/31/31/31/31/x)
    Beldum - Jolly
    Rockruff - Adamant

    Is het nog steeds zo dat als ik een mon wil kost dat 1 credit bij je? even voor de zekerheid vragen :)

    Ja vond ik ook ! Binnenkort straks allemaal shiny broeden haha.
    Hey zold, kan ik je wat mons geven voor Credit points?

    Heb wel leuke mons in vette pokebalz voor shiny varienten !
    Allemaal 5V uiteraard dus geen idee hoeveel credit je er voor wilt geven ;)

    Level ball - Drampa - Berserk - Hurricane
    Friend ball - Grubbin
    Beast Ball - Beldum
    Moon ball - Rockruff - Steadfast(HA) - Sucker punch, T-fang, F-fang
    Hi, is it alright if we do just the Love Ball Komala for the Rockruff? I accidentally traded away the Beast Ball Lucario that I was going to breed for a Type: Null :/
    Hi there! I was wondering if you had a Popplio egg? I just need any regular Popplio egg for this story I'm doing (my signature). I'm not sure if I'd have anything of much value, but feel free to ask!
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