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    Its a lot easier if you tell me what moves you need that it learns, so I can EV it without the berries. Then you learn it moves and stuff. If it evolves during EVing, cool, but if you tell me the level-up moves it needs, il let it learn them as the training goes on. Then you can level it up and such without worrying, and I dont have to grow berries.

    Im going out today, but I should be back by about 6pm(GMT+1/BST) basically about 7 hours after this post.
    Unfotunatly, I use my choice scarves in my gym team, but maybe I can still save you some BT with stone edge....and thanks again, this is the last poke I need to make my shoddy team a reality....
    I think that I am the only one who needs the eevee.....He's the last member of my new team that I have not EVd....Please trade when you are able, thanks.
    Hey, I can trade whenever you are ready, no rush, just lemme know when, thanks again. Anything you want for it?
    Hello, I beleive that centy asked you to breed an eevee with wish...I was going to be the recipient of it. Could you by any chance give me a progress update?
    Thanks for offering, but im okay.

    Im slowly getting a good team.

    Bella has recieved a fair amount of praise, and Spiritomb annoys people. Il have an awesome Togekiss soon too.

    Thanks for offering though :)
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