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  • “I'm from California and lived here my whole life but I'll be moving to Texas sometime in summer. Yeehaw. But I've visited Washington DC a long time ago and uhhh, that was an interesting visit. Don't ask.”

    Do tell!
    that vacation happened to be place where puberty hit and I realized I like men. On a family vacation. Where I could never leave my parents. *sigh*

    not fun. not not fun.
    What are you studying again? That must feel liberating. No sense of pending existential dread coming with graduation, I hope? What games are you typically interested in? I've been trying to finish Resident Evil: Biohazard, but my TV has been phasing in and out so I have to wait until I get a new one. I would try to play it anyway, but one second of blocked vision is all it takes for an unfriendly mutant to disembowel you. Are you excited for the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance?
    Embarrasingly, I only just saw this message. Mea culpa. I'm studying physics, specifically photonics. Nearly everything I play is a JPRG or Nintendo game honestly. I wasn't especially hyped for Kingdom Come: Deliverance--idk, that sort of low fantasy GoT-like atmosphere doesn't excite me.
    Haha, it's no trouble. I half expected you not to reply given your activity is sporadic. (not unlike my own) I'm just checking in I suppose. I don't really strike up conversation with anyone here anymore, sadly. What ties you to this forum, by the way? I'm pretty just here for Misc. as odd that may sound.
    Is your brief appearance due to what little time you've been afforded because of spring break? :p
    Something else entirely, you say? That sounds suspenseful. What sort of antics are taking place?
    You can always look at different aspects of the same topic, such as probability, distribution, etc.

    For a biology example, while studying evolution, you can look at natural selection or genetic mutation, but both are connected to the same idea.
    That would make you technically the superior of the topic, but statistics are just interesting all by themselves.

    Probability makes a very intriguing topic in particular.
    Have you taken statistics or did you teach yourself? Either way, I appreciate your correction, as it is better to be corrected than wrong. I hope I described my train of thought well enough in my response to you.

    But hey, nice to speak with you.
    They do. You have a really thorough and patient way of engaging in dialogue that I simply don't possess. The only argument that I didn't perceive as a willful obfuscation of the points I had made, or a misunderstanding, was from Nyami. I think it's worth serious consideration that even if anti-theism is a valid intellectual position, that being vocal about it may do more harm than good in that it could galvanize religious demographics and appeal to their persecution complexes. As you already saw in the thread, even VampirateMenace was equating education with suppression and she didn't even seem explicitly religious. So, it's a tough game to be playing. It's hard to even approach the topic without meeting accusations of bigotry, academic amateurism, cultural imperialism, whatever.
    Dear Zora, I would like to say that while I'm not sure what position exactly you take in the accomodationist debate, your posts make me love you.
    Heh, not to be petty, but do you have a thing for the phrase "In either case"? You used it 6 times in your last post :p
    I really can't say I entirely agree with that incentive, though I suppose I havent agreed all of my classes either...
    Okay, that's... what? What do either of those objectively have to really do with Biology? Like, shouldn't it have been about, like, cells or organisms, or at the very most, ecology? Just... what?
    Dear Arceus, do I love CrashCourse! Passed my first Biology test by studying only that. I thought that was cool, haha.
    Yeah. I have no real science training beyond college biology, so most of my knowledge is in the form of trivia factoids from YouTube channels like thunderf00t (chemistry), AronRa (paleontology), and King Crocoduck (physics). Though admittingly, they're all biased, the science they talk about is pretty valid. I've recently started watching CrashCourse for a really good source of basic and unbiased knowledge. Yay for science!

    Indeed it does, friend, indeed it does.
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