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  • Yeah. I have no real science training beyond college biology, so most of my knowledge is in the form of trivia factoids from YouTube channels like thunderf00t (chemistry), AronRa (paleontology), and King Crocoduck (physics). Though admittingly, they're all biased, the science they talk about is pretty valid. I've recently started watching CrashCourse for a really good source of basic and unbiased knowledge. Yay for science!

    Indeed it does, friend, indeed it does.
    Right!? That'd be great. Still, no justification to quit work :/

    But hi! Your posts are pretty good, though they're a bit on the technical, so I sometimes wonder if people stop to read them...
    Meant to send a friend request earlier. I kept track of how the debate went, and I have to say, you made my Sunday!

    That said, I'd still like to see a source for one comment you made a while ago about lesbianism being condemned in the Roman world. I have seen that some Roman authors condemn it (as some authors condemned gay marriage among men), but that seems precisely the opposite of something that would lead one to doubt whether Paul ever condemned lesbianism.
    I figured it might be a good idea to go ahead and let you know that I responded to one minor point of your post in the religion debate. Also, I'd like to personally thank you for much of what you wrote, as it is different in tone from, well, quite a bit of stuff I've seen.

    Also, a belated happy birthday to you!
    Hi! I saw that you're a latin nerd! I just started Latin at my new high school and it's already a very fun class. Just wanted to meet another latin nerd

    Yo, sorry I didn't get back to you.

    That link was semi informative. I say semi because as with so many things it's just steeped in ambiguity. Like much of the bible.
    I hate that thread so I;m not going to post in it.

    Your procreation point is relatively well made, but doesn't explain the use of the word abomination, which is language laced with malice. It suggests disgust and immorality, not simply a practical wish for procreation.
    Oh ok its like most franchises lol you already watched like half of them so your like what the hell might as well finish it. Like Harry Potter or Spider Man(Although I am not looking forward to the upcoming one, it just doesn't feel right now that they changed the main character and are basically starting over).
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