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  • I want two different style one cause you will not do it the saame so if I ask two people I get two and two different.
    So you can make banners if you can you know what you made for Assasine I would want a team magma one (of course if you can if this is not the good way of asking or I nedd an Image sorry)
    Alright so I need two division banners one for Dragon Riders and the other for Heavens Horde

    Dragon Riders - Image

    Heavens Horde - Image 2
    Well, Sigs are notoriously slow at being approved/rejected. I have I think 11 in my post. Might be 12, though. And that sig needs mucho qualification, like which moves it gains.

    You have to post your uplevels in Squad Submissions - Sigless to be official. And Togepi as an uplevel will increase his energy and health overall, but he will not gain anything besides. Most give an uplevel to another Pokemon that can evolve at level 2, like Pidgey being a levelup becomes Pidgeotto. Mine are Hitmonchan and Ledian, and when I get to level 2, I can strip them of uplevel status and they'll stay as Hitmonchan and Ledian because they are aquired at level 2. I can give my uplevels to say Dratini and Eevee, and get a Dragonair and Umbreon Level 3 respectively. And togepi can learn any of his moves attainable no matter what level he is at. Any deeper and we would need to go into PM
    Oh, and I saw your post in Squad Summaries. Your Sig has to be approved to be put there. I may be able to help you a bit with it if you want, but I make no guarantees. Also, your Kadabra has to be Lv 2, as one of your uplevels. You are allowed 13 Pokemon total at Level 1 and two can be uplevels. A list of aquisition levels is Here, but the Pokemon with coloured names (Spinda, Sableye, Spiritomb, Audino, etc) cannot be an uplevel. Again, I can help if you need it. It's a hassle sometimes, but it's a necessary evil
    heya i saw your banners are f'ing amazing please make me one like the ronaldo one with Thierry Henry and an arsenal crest saying Dov
    I still need my haunter evolved.. thanks :D

    I have soulsilver, i think its 4th gen right?

    5114 5784 5375
    hi, i don't know if your still looking but i need to trade my dusclops to evolve it, if your still wanting to evolve your haunter let me know.

    ps. i'm playing platinum so I can't trade to 5th gen games.
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