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  • Easy, Normal, and Hard. However, in 10, Normal is insanely hard (so it seems like you're playing on Hard mode instead of Normal)... I would always have someone die in the first chapter D:
    We started school a few weeks ago... it's eating all my free time D:

    I'm still on normal... actually, I don't think I've ever beat a FE game on hard mode before. I should try that some time... lolz.
    Alright, I'll try to come up with something.

    Well, I restarted it so that I could try out Norne... but now I'm at Chapter 8 (I think). I haven't had much time to play it, due to school and stuff :/
    Well, I can do it since I've been spriting for around two years now :D

    Of course, the 4th tier classes will take a while since I have to research what they look like, then sprite them. Speaking of which, do you have an idea on how you want the Sea Lord, Squire and Archer Knight to look like? For the Dark Sage, I'm just going to use Nergal's battle sprite from FE7, since it looks like what an upgraded Druid would look like :/

    Main Banner: [*IMG]http://i25.*******.com/6onej8.jpg[/IMG]
    Rules: [*IMG]http://i28.*******.com/30hsaqu.jpg[/IMG]
    Notes: [*IMG]http://i28.*******.com/33mtvv5.jpg[/IMG]
    Joining: [*IMG]http://i32.*******.com/2s7c4g8.jpg[/IMG]
    Class/Country: [*IMG]http://i29.*******.com/33u73oj.jpg[/IMG]
    Gright: [*IMG]http://i27.*******.com/245c4me.jpg[/IMG]
    Daein: [*IMG]http://i28.*******.com/1znlukp.jpg[/IMG]
    Tougen: [*IMG]http://i25.*******.com/23rojk5.jpg[/IMG]
    Artwork: [*IMG]http://i27.*******.com/x5cgvq.jpg[/IMG]

    Oooo, I have a new idea! You now that post of yours that has the list of what class upgrades into what (I think I put it as a link somewhere under Class/Country)? Well, how about I make a picture chart!? It'd look like this sorta: http://faqsmedia.ign.com/faqs/image/article/763/763387/fire_emblem_8_class_promote.gif but with more classes and stuff... I'm willing to do that since I like to sprite :B
    It's alright. I will have the banners done soon, since I only have three little ones to make... I should have them done by the weekend (since school starts tomorrow)... ;-;
    Ignore that update. I should have these done in two days after this message... hopefully.

    ANYWAYS, I needs some more info. I'm putting this RP-like thing underneath each country banner, and I need you to make one for Gright... and you need a nickname/title for your character. For example, this is what Daein's thing is:

    The distant and war-torn country of Daein is lead by Lord Sapphire, the Angel of Death.

    Everything in bold you'll need to change to fit your country... and person, since you're obviously not Sapphire :p
    Update again~
    I am slowly getting the banners done. I managed to get the main banner, as well as one of the mini banners... I'm going to try to get them done within either this or next week... x.x
    The fourth chapter will be, and probably should be posted today. It may be a bit shorter, I'm not sure, but it's the chapter that really get's the police line of it going, and the first chapter with a big battle in it. Hope it entices ^_^
    Alright, thanks! I already did mine and rotum's sprites, so yours should be done soon... then I'll make the banners after I make these 4 fakemon... *sigh*
    Hello, um, sorry for the ridiculously long wait, but the next chapter of 'The Path Towards Home' is up. I'd have done it sooner, but I've just returned from a holiday in France, so I didn't really have access to a computer there.
    The reason it's taking me so long on those banners is because I'm having trouble with MS Paint. It freezes up whenever I try to save, so it'll take a while for those banners, and they're not going to be as awesome as I wanted... since Paint messes them up D:

    I also figured out how I'm doing the member's banners. I'll have one banner saying 'Members', and smaller banners for each country (which the class sprite of the upgraded lord. Example: You and I have Swordmaster sprites on the banners). However, I need to know what colors to use for the sprite... so, I need you to tell me the colors you want of the Swordmaster's clothes and hair (I also need to know if it's long or short hair). And lastly, I need to know your country's main color (example: Daein's color is black)...
    Not good and please don't ask why just I not in a happy mood and I don't really want to talk about it. sorry.

    so how about you?
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