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  • Fair enough. :) Plus it'll be handy for if/when you transfer them to 6th gen games. And thanks!
    No problem, enjoy! I've got another 11 to go, just legendaries. Best of luck going for a living dex, that's intense!
    That sounds perfect. I'm free for the next hour, and I'll also be free tomorrow. How about you?
    Heya, sorry about my silence, but I've found everything I need except for PorygonX and some legendaries at this point. If you still need Celebi I'd still be happy to trade it to you, though!
    Hey, saw your post in the trade thread - as of a few days ago I have Celebi if you still need it! If you happen to have a Slowbro, Slowking, PorygonZ, Froslass or Gallade I'd really appreciate it!
    Thanks! I am still looking for Sceptile, Glalie, Gorebys, Electivre, Gallade and Dusknoir if you happen to have any of those.
    No prob, and congrats! I've still got another 60 or so to go, hopefully I can get it done before X/Y.
    Heh, the first gen 1 Pokemon for the last gen 4 one, this amuses me. And no problem! :>
    Hm, I'll admit I haven't really done wifi trades much before, but if I'm doing something wrong or there's an issue I don't what what it is. But hey seems to be working now! I'll trade you whatever for Stunky if that's cool.
    Or it wants you to get really, really frustrated first. Do you have a bad internet connection?
    Wooow sorry, my FC has also changed which I failed to notice! It's now 4814-9440-9369. I am so sorry about that yet again.
    That was my bad haha, just bought the new 3DS xl today so had to reregister you. Didn't realize it until my brother pointed it out. Should be good now, though I don't see you so I'm talking to the wall panel thingy and trying to contact you that way.
    Suppose so. All well, we can try again at another point. I have to go run an errand now anyway.
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