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  • yeah, look how different 4th gen heracross is to 5th gen. oh look, it is the exact same.

    I'm not against constructive criticism. infact, I welcome and encourage it. flat out saying DON'T INCLUDE THESE SETS ONLY INCLUDE THE BEST annoys me as it sours the article and makes it boring to read. yeah, they might not be as effective, but they are viable. if it has the movepool and a workable stat, I'll include it. I didn't include a specs dugtrio set did I? I'm pretty sure I could have done. I've been writing these for a while now and I understand that including only the best and most popular set would make it a much more competitive article, but writing about something that is pretty much new, for good or bad reasons, it much more interesting to read and write than a carbon copy of a smogon analysis.

    sorry I more or less jumped down your throat, but I guess I'm too argumentative for my own good.
    Haha, that's not so uncommon. Lots of people in Miscellaneous like to joke around. It's kinda spam, yeah, but it was funny. ^_^
    sorry I forgot that the way to get hits and attract an audience is copy and pasting smogon. I'll take what you said into consideration.


    there you go, next week's article early. want the next 20 for a sneak preview?

    including different sets doesn't sour the product. one set makes the article stupidly short and gives no options for variety. the "best" set is still included and is the top set. would that one set have made a more interesting read? was the article **** despite the fact it included everything you've suggested?
    it's okay, heracross is this week. as it is inferior to many OU pokemon, I'll include a conkeldurr set, a lucario set and a scizor set and completely ignore heracross due to it being a worse choice.
    sorry I forgot that an article with one set was interesting to read and write.

    oh wait
    Hey thanks for helping but I dont have wi-fi, an action replay OR a shiny random pokemon from black but thanks for asking.
    I can't remember but I usually look for IV spreads that are on frame 1 as it's much easier that way but the maximum I'd go for would be frame 7

    But if you are talking about the max shiny frames then I put mine on 300 but it depends on your method of advancing the PID frame as if you use the Chatot method then you can go as high as you feel like.
    thank you ... thank you .... thank you ... ;dancingpikachu; (yeah, I guess they don't have that one ... yet)

    and ... you are sooooooooooooooooo awsome !!! (I just checked Victini's IV's ... wow ... ... wow)
    Actually, I made a mistake. It is marstomp, not mudkip.

    No, it is legal. It is from Sinnoh. TM83 or something like that.
    Hey peng, ive just been super busy. I have been doing most of my posting from my aircard from the traveling.. Are you around tonight around nighttime, EST?

    Zuzu14, I dont have a ds that can use AR or anything, I use a 3ds, and I dont use 3rd party programs, so if I get to a total of 49 rarecandies I can IV check pokemon by feeding it 49 rare candies, so instead of saying, oh this pokemon has this perfect IV and this perfect IV, I can have an accurate and very close and real estimation of what the IV's are on the pokemon, thus inflating, and admittedly somewhat deflating, my tradable pokemon's worth. :)
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