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  • As I said in ~Spacial_Rendation~'s profile: quit the flamewar unless you want some form of punishment. Stop flaming or trolling any members because honestly? can't be arsed deal with your bigotry at this time of day when I'm currently busy with other more important things. If you continue, I'll just issue you your temporary "time-out" from the forums.
    "Do nothing wrong"? Are you serious? You have repeatedly spammed and trolled. Almost all of your threads have been closed on the basis that they are both!
    You are the perfect example of a troll, with ignorant racist thrown in too. I've already reported you. Enjoy the ban.
    Go right ahead. I'm sure any mod who review this conversation and has seen your "All muslims are evil" and "Men>Women" threads will agree. Frankly, I'm shocked you haven't been banned yet, troll.
    So far you have shown very narrow-minded and offensive bursts of racism, sexism, and from every indication, you're an idiotic, trolling, prejudiced, bigot. So no, "homie", I am not, and should not, "chill out".
    but by singling out these exceptions, you are causing more seperation between the two. its like White people are on one side, and Black people on the other, and you are putting these big boulders in between the two groups, like Economy and 'Power' and you arent making things any better. Why do you even have to make a thing about these exceptions? They may or may not be there, but who cares? If everyone treats everyone else the same, and how they want to be treated, racism wouldnt be a problem.
    well by saying that you are being racist against white people. Which is your arguement in the first place. So its alright for you to be racist against white people and not for white people to be racist against black people?
    Your just trying to be funny now. Nobody thinks your funny. People are laughing at your stupidity. You'll NEVER be HitC. He was witty and didn't whine at the tip of a hat. Do you think you are cool doing this? You're not. Just get out of Sppf. Please for the better of humanity
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