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  • Simple. They can't follow the rules and don't like to be told what to do.

    Do humor me on how I "fail" as a "mod." Especially considering I'm an Admin.
    Are you talking about me? I said he was a sacreligious Dick head, not racist, I'm just saying, jeez, you don't need to get angry for teaching you something.
    §γmβθΓ ςραΣ

    I don't give a ****.

    This fool should be banned for life, in fact why not kill yourself while you're babbling about religion.
    You can ask for solid proof from him noob -_-.
    @ Power of Fire
    Muslim is a religion, not a race, so he's a sacreligious dick head.
    there was proof, you didn't see it -_-, you can ask him for proof if your brain can't handle reading properly.
    terrorists =/= Muslims.
    Most are just insurgents.
    Hell, the unibobmer (pitiful white guy) was a terrorist.
    You really need to look beyond 9/11 for terrorism.
    Worst new user of the month, at least. Maybe if the last two months go, maybe the worst of 2008.

    Hmmm, I wonder if because you only talk about completely meaningless crap in uncreative ways (all your GPD threads), or your extreme racism and bigotry, or the fact that 90% of anything in your posts is a lie...I wonder if that's why you're little crush said no?
    No I won't re-open your thread. It was bigoted nonsense and I will absolutely not have that BS in Misc or any subsection of it. Period. If I EVER see you post something like that and carry on like that, you're GONE. Enjoy the warning I'm attaching to your profile.
    If Mr. Mudkip posts in your profile and you don't like it, don't respond to him. You're only feeding into the issue. Don't sink to his level by telling him to gtfo either. You're both at the wrong here.
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