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  • me? A troll? Lol, never heard that before. I have friends and a lot of misc. Regulars like me, more than you can say for yourself. Plus I actually know what I'm talking about.
    Well we do encourage serious and controversial topics. It's just certian topics differ in how members usually treat them. Illegal immigration is a controversial topic but we usuallly don't see widespread flaming going on. I understand if you may have an issue with Eszetts judgment on the matter, but try going to him personally. From what I've seen there isn't an objective reason why he shoud re-open your topic, but it's a matter of how you percieved his judgement. Unfortunately I can't override him on that. Try discussing the matter with him personally via PM and work things out. I know that you left a message on his profile, but you didn't explain your sentiments clearly but more or less demanded that he re-open it.
    Hmm. Why do you think he misinterpreted your post? I understand that your topic did have a point, but certian topics we as moderators, predict won't go well. Like homosexuality for example. You can make a good topic about it, but in the end it usually ends up with people flaming each other. I think that's what Eszett was saying. He wasn't insulting your intelligence or the validity of your topic, but just preventing a forest fire. Do you understand now?
    Oh, hello Zweet! ^_^

    You know, I just read a post of yours in the Pokemon Gods thread, and I thought you made a polite and earnest point. It was a good post to read. Thanks for introducing yourself, and thanks for the compliment. ^_^;
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