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  • didn't really do anything for halloween except give out candy :p it's hard with high school plus i'm 15 so people wouldn't really give me candy :p
    Do me a favor and bump the Mass Effect thread please. I want to start a new topic as Mass Effect 3 is only 5 months 4 days away. I would have to double post to update it lol.
    yeah trully that you can make a exact replica of the jacket maybe im just good at sewing thats why...i custom make all my cosplays :/
    actually tbh you can find them like in thrift stores for like 20 or 30 bucks...leon's jacket is pretty easy to get...
    lol yeah he got muscles...well tbh as long as the cosplay looks really good it should be fine...its sort of like leon kennedy's voice change from boy to man lol...ada wait! lol...
    cool yeah im a fan of resident evil...im actually working on a claire redfield cosplay right now :)
    Exactly. There's no such thing as artistry in Korea, just factory made products. I don't know why anyone thinks that'll sell in America, when they've already got the language barrier. America's moving away from that club talentless image, very slowly, but it's starting to die. Kpop missed its chance to break though tbh.
    hmmm S.T.A.R.S....do you play resident evil??....sorry saw it in your sig and was just wondering :)
    Yeah guess that is to be expected, not necessarily about the classes. People are leaving their homes and taking care of themselves. And I believe my brother was pretty upset as the time slowly came. But from the phone, he seems to be doing alright, so I don't have to worry. I'm sure he'll enjoy life there later on. =]
    Well, my brother left for college this morning with my dad. At first, I was a little worried, cause he hasn't been in much of a good mood for a few days. He just called from a hotel and seemed alright. So I think he's fine for now, but anything can happen on his first few days. How did you feel in the beginning of your first year?
    D: this sounds horrid! Actually, I don't eat fish much and let me tell you; fish isn't THAT tasty. Sometimes it tastes gross. So thankfully you're not missing much; my grampa is allergic to chocolate and if he has a little bit, he would get a heart attack.
    I don't think there's an official article that's been released about it. If you looked at the ratings it got though, then you see the reason why which I trust you can search up. Poor ratings means there's only a small amount of revenue from advertisers meaning cancellation. Cartoon Network really doesn't cancel things unless if they bring in money (Example: Bakugan).
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