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  • Going to guess you were offended by the American comment? since I don't see anything else wrong in the post.

    There are a few Americans that are biased Belle fans, thats why I said what I said, they are all americans, not taking a crap at americans.
    What? I don't make sense? according to many I'm one of the few who makes sense around here.

    I don't act like an *******, I'm not biased, I analyze stuff.

    Explain me in what point I don't make sense.

    Oh and no believe me I'm not dramatic at all, I was probably trolling if you think I'm being dramatic, don't judge a person by one post.
    This post makes me cringe.
    It does? I'm sorry your spam post makes me cringe to, go ahead and report me for whatever made you cringe in my post.
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