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Last Activity:
Sep 5, 2017
Jan 15, 2013
Likes Received:
Jun 7, 1993 (Age: 27)
Route 12

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NUM NUM NUM, 27, from Route 12

Zyon was last seen:
Sep 5, 2017
    1. TheFonz
      Yeah, not many Wii U games have online yet because it's mostly been platformers. Although if you like Dr Mario, there's the eShop exclusive Dr Luigi that has online. Mario Kart 8 is gonna be so awesome, I know it. Smash Bros I'm excited for too, and we'll have a ton of new games coming up

      It's funny how it seems the 3DS gets more online games
    2. TheFonz
      Hi I saw your post in the NNID thread. Congrats on that amazing deal on Wii U! Just wanted to let you know that if you want to play something with online besides Monster Hunter, Wii Sports Club is a great option. I really wish Nintendo Land had online
    3. Zyon
      Oh Yeah! I just got my brand new laptop.
      Windows 8 is kind of strange, but cool. My old laptop was pretty slow, but everything is so much faster now.
      I'm so happy :D
    4. Master_Tyrell
      You're welcome, glad to help
    5. Master_Tyrell
      The last one is Sableye
    6. Eeveemaster
      Added your FC!

      Add mine too! 3368-2095-2233
    7. Jb
      Hey, I see you're on, do you think you could me me evolve my Seadra?
    8. Zyon
      I got my old 3DS from home after picking up both X and Y. I've got all three Kalos starters, as well all three Kanto starters plus Charizardnite X/Y.
      Super-Training is incredible since you have full access to it right at the start of the game.
    9. Zyon
      I'm getting both X and Y tomorrow morning, I'm getting them earlier then I had expected. I'm so use to Nintendo games getting released on Sun, but since this is going to be a worldwide release on Sat the Mall actually opens up 2 hours early :D
      Later on tomorrow I might also be getting a brand new laptop, then I'll actually be able to play minecraft again(with Optifine installed I only get about 0-15 fps :/).
    10. Zyon
      I've went from 14 Friends on my 3DS to 60 in less then 24 hours lol.
      So many getting ready for X and Y(probably mainly because of the new Friend Safari, which is going to be AMAZING![battles/trading as well])
    11. dirkac
      K, I'm also going to get both of them.

      I'll mainly play X, though, with Y being more or less for Dex, Trade, and other extras.
    12. Jb
      Hey, I added you code, here's mine 1118-0350-6268
    13. dirkac
      Ah, K.

      Yeah, this should all be much easier.

      Which version are you getting?
    14. dirkac
      Hey, thanks for the FR.

      Just curious, why?

      How're you?
    15. jstinftw!
    16. Zyon
      Ok, but are you free right now to play? I don't have to go to work not for another 2 hours or so.
      Nvm family has plans then I've got to work until 4pm.
    17. darklord18
      it ok

      anyway hi what up tomorrow sometime i be free for you to visit.
    18. Zyon
      Sorry I wasn't ignoring you in anyway, I just haven't had my laptop with me for a few days but I finally got it now. Rather annoying considering I couldn't do anything on my phone cause all my passwords are rather long an confusing to remember XP(that's all thanks to a hacker that attacked my email account last year, an had to change everything.)
    19. darklord18
      hi what up
    20. darklord18
      sure anyway i got to go to bed now good night
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    Jun 7, 1993 (Age: 27)
    Route 12
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    Born on June 7th, 93. My real name is Tyler however I prefer to go by my internet name Zyon or Zion. An no before you ask no I'm not Jewish, I've started a story a few years ago an named a planet Zion having no knowledge that the word came from there. The name sort of stuck to me since I used it for pretty much everything(video-games, forums, etc). Besides playing pokemon or Minecraft, I like to draw watch youtube or just kick back and get lost in my imagination(I've found myself to space out lot's of times because of it, especially during school).

    Video Games, Drawing, Stories


    3DS FC: 3308-4646-2043
    Nintendo Switch FC: SW-2657-9459-6192
    NNID & XBox Live: Zyon17​