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  • Oh That's Awesome :D Ok i'll be doing a thread and i'll be updating it every while, thanks again for your advice it's really helpful :D
    Yeah, people will see it! Whenever a thread is updated it’ll come up as the most recent post. If anything it actually helps people to see your work, since if they are subscribed to your thread they’ll be able to get updates on the thread via email, which they don’t get if you make a new thread every time.
    Thanks so much that's really an Awesome Tip but i have a little question about it , will people see that the same is getting post updated ??
    Hey! I just thought I’d give a small recommendation, since I’ve seen you post in the fan art subforum a lot. A better way of organising what you post up is that instead of making a new thread every time you make something new, you just update a pre-existing thread so that basically all of your work is archived in one easy-to-find place. It’s what I do with my drawings, actually - I made a thread in which I posted one piece of art, then updated said thread over time so that everyone can see all of my art from when I started until now. You don’t need to take my advice, but I just thought I’d give a little tip!
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