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Recent content by zz5201314

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    BW072 Scraggy VS Simisage

    I can't translate it. ドンナマイト開幕! ズルッグVSヤナッキー !!
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    BW072 Scraggy VS Simisage

    BW072: The Donamite Begins! Zuruggu VS Yanakkie!! Summary: Airdate: March 15, 2012 http://twitpic.com/8m9wkm Donamite should be like Don Battle? Preview scenes of the tournament on Pokémon Smash: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNNtf7K3U7w Starting at 3:12 (Thanks to playerking)
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    BW070: Mistralton Gym! VS Skyla Decisive Aerial Battle [INFO: FIRST POST]

    Ash will use Krokorok in his Gym battle.
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    BW067: Sunglasses Krokorok

    Krokorok: (depressed in) Ash:Wait!Krokorok,you own one,right?If you can, can you travel with us together? Krokorok: (tears of joy ) Ash:Good!Go to Fukiyose City!
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    BW067: Sunglasses Krokorok

    Ash catches sunglasses krokorok.
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    BW 27 - Emolga?

    Emolga is so cute! http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/contents/pokemon_bw/sam/nweek.jpg http://www.mftp.info/20110302/0ddfdc6fe8650d075a988ca551f59a2e.jpg
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    BW 025 Castelia Gym Match! Pure-Hearted Bug Pokémon Battle!!

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    BW 025 Castelia Gym Match! Pure-Hearted Bug Pokémon Battle!!

    Pidove is evolved into Tranquil.
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    BW026 - Fishing conference

    What is the source?
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    BW 023-024 - Team Rocket VS Team Plasma (Parts 1 & 2)

    BW023 - Team Rocket VS Team Plasma-Part 1- ロケット団VSプラズマ団!-前編- BW024 - Team Rocket VS Team Plasma-Part 2- ロケット団VSプラズマ団!-後編- UPDATE MARCH 15: These two episodes have been postponed due to recent events. While a new airdate hasn't been revealed yet, TV Tokyo is still...
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    Takeshi and Hikari, to appear in episodes specials on 3 february 2011

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    BW015 - Janovy

    BW015 http://sunyshore.com/scrap/BW1502.jpg
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    BW009 - Out of Control Pendoraa! Rescue Kibago!!

    BW009: http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/1386/ab5296e70a219267b838209.jpg
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    BW008-Triple Battle Ash

    What is the japanese title?thanks.
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    BW004 - Battle Club