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    Pokemon DP Sinnoh League Victors Opening

    I dont know why so many people dislike it. I was expecting a more upbeat song like Greatest Everyday but Ive listened to this a couple times now and it keeps growing on me more and more. Im really hoping they have an extended version either in the next movie. I remember when I first heard the...
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    The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore! (634)

    Meh, that doesnt really bother me, razor leaf on Torterra would of have seemed weird. I guess leaf storm is the next step up. And the animation of it looked different then Paul's Torterra, or at least I think so. Cant really remember much of Paul's except the one tag battle. Postponement on...
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    Fighting Ire With Fire! (631)

    Yeah, after he stands on the sides an watches everyone get caught. I kinda expected Ursaring to break everyone out of the balls they were in but either way, Electabuzz helping out was cool. Infernape actually looked pretty nice standing next to Ash and Im pretty sure blaze wasnt controlled in...
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    DP161 - Asatsuki Contest

    Hmm, I guess this means we'll get the meaning behind her nickname. (sorry if someone brought this up already) I honestly thought her nickname was something they were just gonna drop but with Kenny being in her flashback, would make sense to get a back story. Jigglypuff? Talk about her having...
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    Pokemon DP163 - Infernape

    Lucario used Close Combat during the Iron Island episode against a Aggron. But I wouldnt mind seeing Infernape using the attack, crazy fire ape attacking nearest pokemon, sounds like a good time. I know some other people have suggested this but the one attack that Im pretty sure were gonna...
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    Pokémon DP Upcoming Events !!!

    Im gonna direct a lot of people to this tread because I just dont understand what some of you are saying. Wow really guys? Lets go over what filler exactly means... This probably belongs in the other thread talking about whats a filler but I just done understand this. Yes they are...
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    Is J....?

    The ending credits show him helping Damos in the field (or something like that). I think everyone thought he was dead until that scene. About J, I dont want to believe it but I really think shes dead. Its just the way the whole scene was handled just makes it more believable. I was hoping for...
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    ‘Arceus and the Jewel of Life’ in 2009 for America?!

    Hmm, that tells you how much I know, or how much I remember. I know in Japan they have been spoiled before by pictures of the movie being released but I was trying to think of a case in America where this happened but couldnt. Unless were counting a pokemon from a new generation being revealed...
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    ‘Arceus and the Jewel of Life’ in 2009 for America?!

    I actually figured this is when it would air. I dont know why anyone actually thought it would premiere sooner then the 20th. With a certain 'major' anime event happening in the next two episodes (Nov. 14 to be specific), the earliest they could show the movie would be the 20th. Just happens...
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    Ash & Dawn! Tag Battle! (615)

    I didnt even know Misty had one, was this in a chronicles episode or did she have one in the main series and Im just drawing a blank. But anyways, personally the tag battle wasnt what I expected but overall pretty good. I still think they made Cyndaquil too powerful too fast but then again, I...
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    A new Wii game?

    So just saw the front page and Im wondering if this new Pikachu game is 'the' new pokemon game that has been speculated on. Right now Im just gonna say yes so I can get to my point. This might be out there but is anyone getting a Hey You, Pikachu feeling. I was actually going through some of my...
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    Serebii.net Card Behemoth Section - Discussion Thread

    Ok I admit I had a feeling this was the project and while I was hoping I was wrong, now Im actually excited. I just went through some of the old cards and its kinda nice to be like oh I had that card, and in most cases, still do (somewhere in my closet). While I wont get much use out of this...
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    HGSS Legendary Pokemon Discussion

    *Ive been lurking for a very long time but this thread finally made me register, and I figured might as well make my first post a good one* While Im excited for all the legendaries, my only hope is that they actually give each of them their own storyline. I don’t mean as in part of the plot...