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    help for emerald team

    SO im doing another runthrough of pokemon emerald. right now my team is as follows: Pescado / Marshtomp ;259; Lvl. 32 Water Gun Mud Shot Take Down Bide Portobello/ Breloom ;286; Lvl. 32 Bullet seed (whats better this or giga drain? plz help) leech seed headbutt mach punch Bolts/ Magneton...
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    help with team member

    not sure if this is the right forum for this (and someone please KINDLY redirect me if im wrong), but i need to know if using hydreigon on my team is worth it. did ppl struggle getting to lvl 64 with it? how about its pre evo ability, does it make the game harder? id really like to know if i...
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    A third team for Black and white 2?

    So being the ultimate pokenerd i am, i thought of another team that could prove awesome in black and white 2. the list goes as follows: emboar @leftovers Mild or Rash nature -Flamethrower -Scald -Stone Edge -Hammer Arm Crobat adamant nature cross poison fly uturn mean look (for pokemon...
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    BLACK 2 Team rate plz?

    Alright guys, i need to finish tweaking my team for black 2. im not really sure about natures, so if those could be suggested, that would be great. Samurott Surf Megahorn Ice Beam Grass Knot/Superpower Arcanine Flamethrower Extremespeed Wild Charge Dragon Pulse Golurk (will trade over egg)...
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    Need help for Black and White 2 Teams

    For white 2 i think im using: Serperior Leaf Blade Leech seed (helps a loot in game) Aqua tail fourth move suggestions? Hydreigon (Will trade egg over since you get it so late) Dark Pulse (will breed this way) Dragon Pulse Fly (Need a flyer) Earth power Lucario Aura Sphere (I cant use just...
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    Post Black and White 2 Teams HERE!

    I figured we could all use a thread in which we could all post our teams. For white 2 i think im using: Serperior Hydreigon (Will trade egg over since you get it so late Lucario Chandelure Galvantula Vaporeon I know im not covering a lot of types, so any suggestions on how to make it...