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    Did the Writers just ditch Jigglypuff?

    Yeah I guess they just forgot about it like they did with the GS ball. XD I was hoping Misty would catch it or something, it would have been fun.
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    What is your favorite Pokemon movie?

    They're all great, but my favourite is still Pokémon 2000, because I love the legendary birds, and Lugia in particular. I also loved the apocalyptic feeling of it. XD
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    Was Dawn a step up or a step down from May?

    I prefer Dawn to May, just because she's a lot like me. I find her more human because of her faults and messing-ups, but I didn't see all episodes of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl so I might change my mind.
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    Does anyone else miss tracey?

    I do sometimes miss him, but I think he's good where he is right now.
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    Pokemon Rip-Off!

    OMG lol, this guy has no shame. What surprises me is the fact that it's an "official" book and not something you'd find, say, in a chinese shop. XD
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    which pokemon would you have as a pet?

    I'd love to have an Eevee! But I also would love a Chikorita.
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    How old are you Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fans?

    I'm 21, I started playing with Red and never missed a Pokémon game till then. :)
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    Your PMD2 partner..a lifelong friend or an annoying furball?(PMD1 and 2)

    A lifelong friend! I've had Chikorita in PMD1 and Piplup in PMD2, and they're such great friends. Lov'em. <3
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    What new 'Other' Pokemon games would you like a sequel to?

    If they made a Pokémon Snap sequel, I would buy the new console just to play it. XD Seriously, it's one of the best Pokémon games ever. Getting all 400+ Pokémon would be crazy, but they don't have to put them all in the game.
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    Why is Pokemon G/S/C so Japanese?!

    I don't think there's a particular reason, but I really liked the fact Johto looked "japaneezy" (I think I know the song pkmn_GSC is referring to XD), because Japan fascinates me and it was somewhat like traveling in it. :)
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    How many times have you restarted G/S/C?

    Um, I think around 4 times. I restarted it recenty and omg, it feels so nostalgic...
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    What was your most used pokemon?

    Ampharos and Meganium. They're both two of my favourite Pokémon ever.
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    If You Could Live in the Johto Region...

    Goldenrod city definitely. Such a big city with lots of things. :D And it's near the National Park!
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    Brock apparently = Misty!

    Yeah, I feel sorry about Brock. I like his comedic side, but I would love to see a development in his character. Now all he does is cook and comment on Ash's battles about things we already know.
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    What if Pokemon were real? V2

    Haha, I agree that it would be a mess. But if our world was like the games', I would love to be a breeder. ^^
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    Am I too Old?

    I'm 21 and a Pokémon fan, and I'm proud of it! Nobody ever has to be ashamed about it, because if you truly like it then nobody can make you feel bad about it. ><
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    Favorites Thread part 1 (Favorite Region/Generation/Starter/Team)

    What's your favorite Pokemon Region? Johto absolutely. What's your favorite Generation? 2nd, because it included Kanto too. XD Who's your favorite Starter Pokemon? Chikorita. Who's your favorite Team in the Pokemon franchise? Team Rocket.
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    What's your LEAST favorite Pokemon/Type?

    I'm not sure which my least favourite Pokémon is. Maybe Rattata, but for no reason in particular. My least favourite type has to be Fighting.
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    What's your favorite Pokemon/Type?

    As you can guess, my favourite Pokémon is Umbreon, but Chikorita is a close second. My favourite type is fire though.
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    Hi everybody!

    Hello, I'm new. :) I'm Valeria, a 21 year old Italian girl, and I've been a Pokémon fan since I was 12. I joined here because I would love to talk about this wonderful fandom with other people and also to exercise my English. XD I love listening to music, reading and also writing...