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    What's your favorite Dark Type Pokemon?

    As the title says, feel free to reply with your favorite Dark Type Pokemon that is available in Generation 3! Mine is Mightyena obviously ;262;
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    Favorite Hoenn City/Town (Version 2)

    Lilycove City cause it has the Dept. Store which I can go buy cute dolls/plushies and try out the lotto, The nice gentleman will give you a berry each day(How kind of him), It's one of the Pokemon Contest locations and it's one of the bigger cities in the game :D
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    Battle Frontier - Favourite Facility

    The Battle Tower cause it uses the most standard rules and the Frontier Brain Anabel is super adorable! <3
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    Favorite Hoenn Gym Leader?

    Wallace because he's the strongest and has a good sense of fashion ;3
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    Favorite 3rd Gen BGM?

    Any of the more serious BGMs from Ruby and Sapphire like Team Magma/Aqua Leader Battle and Champion Steven Battle are some good examples :3
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    Favorite evil team: Magma or Aqua?

    Mine is Team Magma mainly caused of their horned hoods ^-^ Also Maxie's red hair looks so legit *-*
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    Favorite Hoenn Pokemon

    Mine is Mightyena! I don't think anyone would've guessed that... not xD I also love any other Dark Type from Hoenn.