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  1. Serris

    Do you see the iPod as a suitable platform for gaming?

    I'd like to know your view on using the iPod, iPhone, or iPad as a suitable platform for gaming these days. Some people believe it not to be, but others sway the other way. I personally sway the other way. Some games are great with the mechanics of the iPod. Although some details are similar to...
  2. Serris

    War: First Impact VS. Team SeaSoul

    ;386; Rules ;245; - Standard OU (all tiers but Ubers) - - Species Clause - - Sleep Clause - - 6v6 - ;386; Battles ;245; The battles will be in three sections. 3 WiFi Singles, 1 WiFi Doubles, and 1 PO Singles. Best 3/5 will win the war. ;386; WiFi Singles ;245; [0] Serris -VS- D.Gray Man [4]...
  3. Serris

    First Impact

    Welcome to First Impact. This clan attempts to make the best of each of its’ divisions battlers. Members get split up into a division upon joining, and using these divisions, different kinds of tournaments will be held for each, when the time for a tournament comes around, of course. This team’s...
  4. Serris

    Team Integral

    Team Integral is about trying to bring people together in fun, experienced, and versatile battling and community. Bringing people together from every region of the world is a goal in mind. Help is given to people who need it, as well as advice on team building, and also help with learning new...
  5. Serris

    Pokemon drawings

    Hey guys and girls, here are some drawings I've done for friends. I still do these every now and then, but sometimes I take requests. But here they are. Probably my favourite one. It was a lot of fun to draw, and I based it off of the Torterra Platinum sprite. I based this off of the...
  6. Serris

    Sprites found in B.S.L. Sector 4

    Hey guys and girls, I had a look at some of the sprites here, and it's made me want to post up some of the ones I have done. As I work on more, I'll edit this post and continue to add them. So, here are the ones I've done so far. I'd like as much crit as you give on them. Some of these are from...
  7. Serris

    Team Integral

    WELCOME TO TEAM INTEGRAL! The Team Team Integral is about trying to bring people together in fun, experienced, and versatile battling and community. Bringing people together from every region of the world is a goal in mind. Help is given to people who need it, as well as advice on team...
  8. Serris

    Ergo Proxy

    Has anyone else seen this awesome anime? It was on one of the channels here and I started watching it, then I was completely engrossed in it. I just loved it. The story line is great. So are the characters and voice actors. I mean. Liam O'Brien plays the main character. I was like. YES...
  9. Serris

    Who thinks Arceus looks pretty?

    Personally, I really think the way Arceus looks is beautiful. I love its body structure; it looks graceful and majestic. But at the same time serious but lightweight. I mean. Wow. Arceus is amazing
  10. Serris

    My team and possible additions

    A word of warning: I do not EV train my Pokemon. I understand it would make them stronger in ways I could never imagine, I just decide not to and train them how I catch them. Now. My team. This is what I currently have. But I'd like to take my Regigigas, Gyarados, and Magnezone out. I'll...
  11. Serris

    Origin Forme Giratina on PBR?

    Just a thought, but when Platinum is released, will you think it'll be possible for those users to use Origin Forme Giratina on the game and over Wi-Fi? Or will it be reverted to Altered Forme Giratina on PBR? Just came to my mind while I was playing Pearl and looking at my Giratina.
  12. Serris

    I need help; I'm not good at this

    Ok. This is my team. Now I'd like suggestion for better movesets. And items to attach to them. I was looking for a better moveset for my Regigigas and Garchomp in particular. Cradily (Careful) @ Big Root Suction Cups - Gastro Acid - Ingrain - Giga Drain - Hyper Beam Gyarados (Rash) @...
  13. Serris

    My art and videos

    I have a deviantART. My username is Blackout-The-Grim. So If anyone would like to have a look, be my guest. The link is: http://blackout-the-grim.deviantart.com/ I also have a YouTube account. My videos aren't that great, but they're for you to look at and, hopefully, enjoy. The link is...
  14. Serris

    Kingdom Hearts - Organization XIII Style name

    Has anyone had the time to get someone's name or your own name, scramble it up, and chuck an X it? Its really cool, and some names come out really good. If anyone has done this, post them for people to guess the names of. Here are the ones I've put together. I'll edit my post to put the...
  15. Serris

    New look Gyarados

    I think the best thing about PBR was the change in how Gyarados looks from Stadium 1 and 2, Colosseum and XD. It looks like its meant to, and how I imagined, and hoped, it would look. Does anyone share the same opinion, or a different opinion about the better looking Gyarados?
  16. Serris

    The team I'm not so sure about...

    This is the team I'd like to be able to work but I need opinions whether to change some of the Pokemon/move sets. ;346; Careful @ Big Root Gender: Male - Gastro Acid - Ingrain - Giga Drain - Hyper Beam Shiny ;130; (Nature) @ Zap Plate Gender: Male - Ice Fang - Waterfall - Dragon...
  17. Serris

    This is my team in training. Rate and help

    This is what I have in my team at the moment. I am working on them and training them. Some of them I'm a bit unsure about, move wise that is. Well... here they are. ;103; Exeggutor Lv.25 @ Nature: Jolly Ability: Chlorophyll Moves: - Reflect - Leech Seed - Confusion - Seed Bomb...