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    Pokemon Regional Academy[RA]

    Welcome everyone to the Pokemon Regional Academy! Okay, a few things to know before we start: 1) You guys already have your Pokedex; they were sent through the mail; Your choice of colour 2) We are arriving at Slateport Dock, waiting to board the ferry 3) Your Pokemon(1) is with you, either...
  2. J

    Pokemon Region Academy(RA): Sign-Ups

    POKEMON RA NOTE(PLEASE READ!!!) As many of you know, I had left(or abandoned) the original RP due to some difficulties with my computer. I am deeply sorry to those who stayed by me with my Original Academy RP, and I take the full blame for everything. I could have tried harder to keep it...
  3. J

    DotA 2

    So, this thread is about the new MOBA game, DotA 2. It's a sequel(more like a a revamped version) of the first DotA, and is currently in the Beta phase. So, does anyone here play DotA, or is in the Beta of DotA 2? I am not in the beta as I don't have a key, but if you are, feel free to share any...
  4. J

    Can I return my Headphones?

    Okay, so I bought iBeats(headphones) for about $110 about 4 months ago, at Best Buy. I still have the warranty, but I found these other headphones at another store for the same price, but they are better headphones. You think Best Buy will still take them if I return them?
  5. J

    Pokemon: Regional Academy[RA]

    ----The Night before School (Slateport City, Hotel)---- “ I can’t believe I’m leaving tomorrow…” Alex mumbled to himself as he got his backpack ready. He had extra clothes, toothbrush, and other necessities, as he would be gone for nearly 2 years, or maybe even more depending on how well he...
  6. J

    Pokemon: Regional Academy[RA]

    POKEMON RA ~Approved by RL This Discussion thread is only available to members of the RP! If you have a question, and you are not a member, VM, or PM me your question! Members may post here what they plan on doing, or if they need my approval on anything. They may also post questions...
  7. J

    Pokemon: Regional Academy[RA](PG-14)

    POKEMON RA Season 1 Opening INTRO “ Welcome, Trainer, to the RHPA- Regional Hoenn Pokemon Academy! It is one of the highest reputable Trainer schools in Hoenn. There are others, just like it, located in different regions, such as Johto, Sinnoh, etc. However, it’s not just your average...
  8. J

    Pokemon: New Journies[KANTO]

    Okay, so I finally made a discussion thread, where we can discuss our ideas for the future of the RP. Please respect other people's ideas, and no flaming. Okay, so first order of buisness is that everyone sems to be posting, which is good, but I won't post any further until the rest of the...
  9. J

    Pokemon: New Journeys[KANTO]

    (Just a note: If you're player isn't in Pallet Town yet, make sure you write how they are getting there. If they are already, write the stuff they are doing before it strikes noon and head for the Lab. Our characters will meet up there.) Ricky sat on the edge of the pier, with a fishing rod...
  10. J

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

    So anyways, this is about the new KH game for the DS. I just got it, and it is AWSOME! I'm surprised that it got an 8, when personally, I think it should've gotten at least an 8.5..... The graphics are good as DS graphics can go, and the gameplay is original, just the regular kingdom hearts...
  11. J

    Pokemon: New Journeys[KANTO]

    Pokemon: New Journeys[Kanto] INTRO "The world of Pokemon...filled with wonderful creatures, and beautiful landscapes, welcome to the Kanto Region! The Kanto League, which is the government of the Kanto Region, sends out letters to all young trainers on their 10th birthday.It is a...
  12. J


    I may get flamed for this, or I may not. But I searched through this forum, and I am pretty sure I did not even see a Bleach thread. So I guess I'll make one! Here, you can talk about your favourite characters, misc. questions, and other stuff about Bleach. My favourite character is Toshiro...
  13. J

    Pokemon: Cleuren Region[Approved by Zephyr Flare]

    Welcome young trainers and coordinators alike! This is the Region of Cleuren! I am the professor, Prof. Thorn. I am the head of the Pokemon Reasearch Society, where we observe pokemon behaviour, and help trainers start their Pokemon Journey. Now, you're probably wondering about the region of...
  14. J

    Pokemon: New Journeys(sign-ups)

    About a year ago, Ash Ketchum had a battle against an unknown trainer....and ended up losing. many fans watched the battle, as he lost, not even knocking out one of his opponent's pokemon. He left the region of Kanto, and has been missing for now 2 years. His location is unknown, but many people...
  15. J

    Fizzy Bubbles question

    uummm. yea i am sort of new around here and i wasn't sure if this bleonged here but here goes....when are the FB registrations open again?
  16. J


    Hi guys i am new around here. This is my first EVER forum that i signed up to, and I am hoping it will be a good one.