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    Pokemon Heroes: XY: The World Is Not Enough PG-15

    Authors Note- Hello! Didn't see this coming, right? Well its happening! A new chapter in the Pokémon Heroes series begins! Professor Sycamore's students gather for a new semester! Are you ready? Enjoy! /Enough- 001 In this world there are two people that exist, those who do purposely do...
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    Unexplored Region

    In XY Bonds of Evolution Diantha and Prof. Sycamore mentioned a barely explored region known as the Lapados Islands or something similar to that... Now it wouldnt really be more than a one off comment had the Professor not co-signed with a further description... I believe this is a very small...
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    Most story driven saga so far?

    The general concensus was originally that DP held the most plot-lines and story than any of the previous Sagas with the Paul story arcs and the Team Galactic story have a decent majority of relevance during the storyline- but what about the other Sagas? Are they truly lacking in story compared...
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    BW2-Live And Let Die PG-16

    Authors Note-After working on the basic story line for months now I have finally completed the first chapter of the sequel of BW-The Spy Who Saved/Changed Me! BW2-Live And Let Die will have a few more mature references than than its predecessor so audience beware :p Yami is Live (happy) and Yume...
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    What if older traveling companions were to meet the BW cast?

    I mean like what would the interactions be and what would you like them to return for? Ex: Misty returns for a Water type World Tournament and meets Iris who she becomes best friends with because of their similarities.
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    Poke-Parody: Joey And The True Top Percentage! (One-Shot) PG-14

    Authors Note- Yes, this is what I do when I'm supposed to be writing BW-The Spy Who Saved/Changed Me... Special credit goes to SapphireIris who helped to write this random fic. All Characters presented fic will make jokes for comical purposes not for bashing purposes. This fic is solely meant...
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    What Is Your Favorite BW Gym Battle?

    Pretty simple, whats your favorite Gym Battle so far in BW? Including Kotesu and Bianca's.
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    What happens after their goals are completed?

    This has been on my mind ever since Alder mentioned it in BW54, what happens if Ash becomes a league winner? And if everyone else accomplishes their goal as well? I dont mean a last episode type of thing, I mean like what if the show still went but Ash won a league? What will he do next?
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    BW- The Spy Who Changed/Saved Me (PG15)

    Recently, a number of odd occurences have made a widespread reach throughout the Unova region, such as Pokemon swarms, inconclusive crimes, as well as mysterious pokemon appearances. Due to this a special investigation squad has been called forth to investigate and extinguish these mysteries for...
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    Aura Speculation Thread

    My question is what is aura? Why do some people have it and not everyone? As well as why can Pokemon somehow use this as well as humans? Could aura be the life force of a person or Pokemon? Or is like their ki? Discuss.