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    When did you stop watching?

    Assuming you did, of course. Discuss when and why you stopped watching the Pokemon anime. Personally, I stopped watching shortly after the beginning of Diamond and Pearl. I didn't manage to keep up with the episodes and gradually lost interest. I haven't played much of Black & White so the new...
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    All mah sprites

    I've got a few in the bank, but I'll kick off with a Skin Swap, re-types and a couple of custom TCs. Snowtres Dark Mewtwo Vaporeon and Jolteon
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    The Star Wars club!

    [Insert awesome Star Wars music here] Hi people! Welcome to the newest edition of the Star Wars club! I've seen a few Star Wars clubs going around, but I couldn't be bothered joining them. Now, the most recent one is dead (R.I.P =D), so I decided to make this one. The rules: 1...
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    Trouble installing a game

    I'm trying to re-install Star Wars Battlefront 2 (I uninstalled it because it wouldn't let me go on online Space Maps) but every time halfway through the installation process some box pops up saying Feature Transfer error Component: Files1 File: E:/Gamedata/data4.cab Error: Data...
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    The tale of (Pokemon) Star Wars

    Hey everyone. My comic is all about the re-telling of Star Wars Episode 1 through 6 through the use of Pokemon. For you Star Wars fans out there who've seen the movies, read the comic anyway! It's designed to tell the story of Star Wars and make you laugh at the same time! For those you haven't...
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    The Super Mario club V2

    Welcome everyone! This club is devoted to the world famous plumber we all know and love, Mario! Here, we can talk about anything Mario: From Koopa Troopers to the latest Mario game! Hookshot made the previous club, but sadly it went inactive and was locked. Since Hookshot has not been...
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    Crasher's Userbar Shop V2

    Welcome to my Userbar shop. Meh, I quit my old one, so I guess this is V2. Spoiler time! Come here for character sprites, but still link them. http://www.pokesho.com/anime_dot.html
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    ~The Psychic type club~

    ;178; Welcome to the Psychic type club! ;178; ;488; Where all Psychic type lovers unite! ;376; Here, we talk about Psychic types, make friends and have fun! ;196; ~Da Rules~ SPPF rules apply. Have fun. ~Ban System~ 1 Strike = Warning 2 Strikes = Temp. Ban 3 Strikes = Perma Ban Most...
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    Pokemon Trainers United! Team Aqua threat!

    My comic. Season 1: Comic #1 Comic #2 Comic #1 reads left to right, so the person with a speech bubble to the left talks first. Comic #2 reads right to left, so the person with a speech bubble to the right talks first.
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    Jessie and James = Stupid

    Why doesn't Jessie and James catch strong pokemon the pokeball way, not the net way, and use them against ash? I mean, the same old pokemon every single show gets boring.
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    Prof. Jolton's Userbar and Userbar Animation shop

    Welcome to my userbar maker and Userbar Animation shop! Opening times: (I'll update when needed) Sunday: Open till 3:00, then opens at 5:00 Monday: Opens at 4:00 Tuesday: Opens at 4:00 Wednesday: Opens at 4:00 Thursday: Opens at 4:00 Friday: Opens at 4:00 Saturday: Open till 11:30, then...
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    Has anyone seen a shiny pokemon?

    The title is the question. Have you ever seen a shiny pokemon in the Anime? I know I haven't.
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    The Pokemon Battling Tournament!

    Here, we will have a battling tournament. The winner will obtain my Lv. 70 Mewtwo. It's Lv. 50 Double battles. Sign up if you want to have a go. Max 12 People. I'm not participating , just giving the prize. We'll all need each over's friend codes for this. Please put them down if you sign up...
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    So many Charmanders, so little time...

    I have more than a box full of Charmanders up for trade if you want some. Looking for all Jhoto starters, Treeko and Mudkip. Btw, all of them have flamethrower and are Lv. 1 Current number of Charmanders: 51 ;004;
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    The setting of the Sun

    This is my fic about a group of horrible pokemon, led by their king, trying to destroy the sun. Hope you like it. If you don't I'll just delete it. Complete Chapters: Chapter 1: The sound of drums Chapter 1: The sound of drums (I'm gonna spell them how you hear it. Bomb Bomb...
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    I need animation!

    Could I have an Animation??? I want it small, 142X132 please. It's set in the woods. All overworld sprites until I say. First, a Charmander walks onto the screen from the Left of the screen. It says (in speech bubble) "I wish I could find a really good trainer card shop..." Then, a...
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    The Dialga/Palkia/Manaphy/Phione Fan club

    This is a club where we show how cool these ledgendarys can be. I mean, Manaphy, the first Ledgendary to have a Pre-Evoloution! It's just unbelivable! Sign Up form: Game (Diamond or Pearl. If you don't have these then just say which one you Want Why (Choose Ledgendary) is cool. Thats it...
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    Prof. Jolton's Picture Perfect Pokemon shop!!!

    Open Welcome to Prof. Jolton's Picture Perfect Pokemon shop! I can currently do pictures and ONLY pictures but if I get workers you can ask them to do you whatever they can do. I can do 7 different back grounds which I will show you now: This one has trainers on it. I can do ANY trainer...
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    Quote: Welcome...... to Torchwood! ( Yvonne Hartman ) Yes, this is a doctor who club. GO DOCTOR WHO! But this is a club about torchwood. The entrance exam is to answer the new topic and that is: What do you think torchwood would have done if the cybermen + daleks didn't...
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    The Imperials

    Welcome to my club, The Imperials And since it's called Imperials guess what its related to. Tell me your favourite character. Mine will always be Han for his wits and attitude. Chatting about the imperials or sith will be prefered but you can still...