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    Baby cup battles

    Alright, someone mentioned little cup battles in the normal PBR threads, so thought I'd start a thread for these battles. If anyone is up for any baby cup battles, here's the place :) Basically little cup battles are fights between lv 5 unevolved pokes. These types of battles originated from...
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    Hmmm, PBR + possible updates?

    Remembering the thread that was about "what if there was an expansion..." that somehow turned into an argument over what they can/can't do.... Well, I'm pretty sure you all got the notice from nintendo about if a game needs an update, you'll see a notice in the disc channel instead of the game...
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    Interested in making this team more competitive...

    This is my doubles trick room team (I wonder how many people will remember that :P) It has faired very well, but I think it's about time to bump it up for more serious matches. Any suggestions to help give it that extra boost will be appreciated. I know it's heavy on the physical side...And...
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    Trainer titles

    So I noticed different passes of mine had different titles, depending what pokemon were on it. Poked around a bit and couldn't find a list of titles, so I figured we can start em here :) Surfing guy - Having a pokemon with surf on your pass. Dragon guy - having 3+ dragon types on your pass Rain...
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    got PBR (FC in sig) so I'll take PBR fights now too. the forums are weird for me, but you can find me in the wifi chat when I'm battling. I should say, I do have a singles, doubles, and even a little cup team :D
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    My lack of electric is annoying...

    I like to raise a bunch of pokemon to mix around my team sometimes, but I've noticed a lack of electric kinda kills me whenever someone throws out a charizard, gyarados, or milotic (bunch of water for that matter) I lack a way to get electavire, or however it's spelled. Went through the...
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    big list o' stuff

    Online part of the games makes me want to actually finish the dex.Pretty much my big list of stuff I have for trade and want. Way too big to be posting in the wifi-chat. Pretty much posting this over my old list I had earlier. What I need: Weedle seel tangela elekid w electrizer (spelling?)...
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    Big supply of stuff

    I've seen a lot of commonly asked for pokemon in chat, so I've been breeding different ones like mad to supply people. I'll have more as time goes on, but it takes awhile :P For now I have... Trading supply: 4 female snorunts 5 drifloon 3 piplup 6 burney (3m 3f) 3 female combee 3 cherubi 2...
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    Opening computer as a gateway

    Google fails at finding any help, and couldn't find any on the forums :/ Basically my computer has ethernet to connect to internet. I also have a wireless adaptor (not nintendo's) Trying to open my computer as a gateway so my DS can connect through my computer. Happen to be anyone that knows?
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    Names and color

    Didn't find any threads like this using search so.... Simple question: Does a pokemons color change depending on it's name like it did in the stadiums? Wasn't great changes like a shiny. Minor changes like, my nidoqueen was darker, almost purple in stadium 2. Know it's not really important...
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    IV calculation, level, and precision

    Search didn't find anything abou this... Noticed in most calculators, it gets more precise the hgiher lv the pokemon. Question is simple: what's a good level to raise a pokemon before figuring out IV's? Raised a handful to 9 to 20 so far, but I'm getting random results (yes I've considered...