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    [mtg-standard] delver of simics

    so yeah that article on daily mtg was sweet, but imo the guy that wrote the article ruined the deck completely by turning it into a bant monstrosity. here's my take on the deck. creatures (16) [4] delver of secrets [3] geist of saint traft [4] quirion dryad [4] snapcaster mage [1]...
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    [mtg-standard] tezzeret control

    durdle durdle brew durdle durdle NEXT STOP TEZZ creatures (10) [1] phyrexian metamorph [2] riddlesmith [1] shimmer myr [1] spellskite [1] treasure mage [2] trinket mage [2] wurmcoil engine other spells (26) [2] black sun's zenith [2] doom blade [2] go for the throat [1]...
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    [mtg-standard] heartless shenanigans

    this deck's idea is basically play heartless summoning, churn out fat beaters / card advantage monsters until your opponent's face is sufficiently smashed. yep. creatures (25) [2] bloodgift demon - otherwise known as phyrexian arena, this guy is a fantastic t3 play off t2 heartless. [2] deadeye...
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    [mtg-standard] 5c pod

    pod seems like an awesome deck to pilot so i wanted to make one, and it's rotating out soon as well sadly. i wanted all of the goodies i could get and couldn't really be bothered choosing between all of the various subcategories of pod, so i went with basically everything. creatures (30) [1]...
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    [mtg-casual block] mill :D

    mostly block (just drowned catacomb isn't legal but w/e it's just a land). and again, an irl deck so i can only make so many changes. creatures (11): [4] elgaud shieldmate [4] galvanic alchemist [3] stern mentor other spells (25): [4] curse of the bloody tome [4] dreadwaters [4]...
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    [mtg-casual] boros humans

    yes i know it's probably been done to death but deal w/ it. note that this deck is for irl play so i am only using what i have. creatures (28): [2] champion of the parish [2] kruin striker [2] loyal cathar [2] elite inquisitor [2] thalia, guardian of thraben [1] silverblade paladin [3]...
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    [mtg-casual] ophidiophobia

    SNAKES creatures (26): [4] ambush viper [4] coiling oracle [4] lorescale coatl [4] mystic snake [4] ohran viper [2] seshiro the anointed [4] winged coatl other spells (10): [2] snake umbra [4] snakeform [4] voidslime land (24): [4] evolving wilds [6] forest [4] hinterland harbor [6] island...
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    [mtg-block] rdw

    rdw is fun and avr gave it some essential tools, but it has a buttload of 4-drops to choose from (although hellrider is the best). creatures (27): [4] ashmouth hound [3] fervent cathar [4] hellrider [1] instigator gang [4] lightning mauler [3] pyreheart wolf [4] stromkirk noble [4]...
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    "owling mine" [mtg-standard]

    kinda casual standard-legal deck made in the vein of the old school owling mine deck. the tools aren't quite there for it to be as good but hopefully they will come. creatures (6): [4] psychosis crawler [2] snapcaster mage other spells (30): [1] blue sun's zenith [2] devastation tide [4]...
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    pretty fly for a white guy.

    hello everyone, someone who isn't from igrmt at all but nevertheless i want to put my planned white team up to the sword since i can't be bothered debating over options myself. no natures/evs/items since i'll just roll with what i have at the time. no pokemon will be changed btw, don't even...
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    2011 music.

    wait why does this thread not exist yet. first off, a place to go to for some 2011 releases (metal only for the most part): http://www.metalstorm.net/events/new_releases.php?upcoming=1 so yeah basically just discuss 2011 music itt. make lists, discuss releases; whatever is on topic works. no...
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    the cricket thread; insect puns unwelcome.

    the last one died and i have considered remaking it for a while, but now that world cup squads have been announced and such i figured now is a good time. in case any cricket lover hasn't discovered this wonderful site yet, cricinfo is basically everything a cricket fan could ever want. so...
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    Favourite albums by year.

    Basically just list your favourite albums by year. It's a nice, time consuming exercise that I personally enjoyed, so hopefully others do too. Generally speaking going from 1965 on is a good idea, unless you can go further back. 65: Nothing 66: Nothing 67: Pink Floyd - The Piper at the...
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    A Christmas One-shot

    I did this for a Christmas writing competition on another forum, and figured I may as well post it here for pc++ feedback and such, since I may do some more Christmas themed one-shots. Idk we'll see. On with the story. Snow crunched beneath the young tree's feet. He looked around...
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    http://theoatmeal.com/comics/misspelling Discuss.
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    Tea party itt.

    So yeah I just **** around in MS Paint for shits and giggles, so don't expect masterpieces or anything. Now I tend to use pencil+paper. Normal Pokemon stuff. Abra used Teleport! Barboach is cute. Bibarel is a wuss. Charmander used Roar! Chillarmy is the manliest Pokemon, clearly...
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    This month's tiering changes.

    Quite a bit of stuff has happened with this recent tier list change, most notably Heracross dropping to UU and Shaymin finally breaking into OU. There have been a few other changes with UU: Exeggutor, Primeape, Qwilfish, Kangaskhan and Ursaring have entered UU from NU; whilst Slowking, Regirock...
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    [MtG Standard] - Dead Reckoning

    Land (18) [14] Swamp [4] Crypt of Agadeem Creatures (20) [4] Corpse Connoisseur [4] Death's Shadow [4] Viscera Dragger [4] Igneous Pouncer [4] Arrogant Bloodlord Other Spells (22) [4] Dead Reckoning [4] Sign in Blood [4] Diabolic Tutor [4] Mire's Toll [4] Elixir of Immortality...
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    What's the Buzz? [OU]

    Sup CRMT, I'm just here to showcase my most successful experiment recently. I've recently been using a few NU Pokemon in OU just to see how they fare, since I find it more fun than using bog standard OU teams. I'm also looking at writing up a C&C article for the Pokemon featured in this RMT, so...
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    Open the Tomb [MtG]

    Getting two Death Barons made me want to make this deck, and it seems fun to play but I do have some concerns. Creatures: [4] Death Baron [4] Cemetery Reaper [4] Warpath Ghoul [4] Dregscape Zombie [4] Viscera Dragger [4] Gravedigger [4] Null Champion (Total: 28) Other Spells: [4]...