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  1. Palamon

    "Chuu Bra?! So Silly..."

    What was the most ridiculous anime you've ever seen? Why do you find it ridiculous to start with. If you hate it, be subtle. --- Chuu Bra. Why? Well, the premise is so silly. A girl is so obsessed with underwear, she tries to start an underwear club. Despite how ridiculous this is...
  2. Palamon

    The Genres We Dislike

    This is a thread to discuss the genres we don't like in the anime world. Staff, feel free to lock this if not worth a thread for. Anyway, what are some genres in anime you don't like and why? Please, be honest and be subtle. --- Sports. Sorry, I'm not a sports girl. They're very boring to...
  3. Palamon

    Non Legendary Pokemon That you think is the rarest.

    The title says it all. What Pokemon do you think is the rarest that isn't legendary. That isn't Feebas. IMO: Chimecho. In RSE, it has a 2% chance encounter. In D/P 1% chance encounter. What's your opinion?
  4. Palamon

    Generation V Smilies?

    Um...are they going to be uploaded? I'm just wondering... I think they should be added to the smilie list. It's just a suggestion.
  5. Palamon

    So...what Pokemon are on your mind right now?

    I'm still wondering will this goes... So name the first three (and only the first three.) That are on your mind. Mine are: Dewott,Tranquill, and Sneasel.
  6. Palamon

    Agitated Pokemon or Frightened Pokemon? Which do you hate more?

    The title basically says it all... I hate frightened Pokemon more. For one thing, they run away from you and take forever to catch up to. Agitated Pokemon chase you, but who cares, they're easy to capture with a Poke assist. Your opinion?
  7. Palamon

    Which one? Latias or Latios?

    Which Pokemon do you prefer? Latias or Latios? Which Eon Pokemon. I think Latios is better.
  8. Palamon

    Who shouldn't be an Elite four?

    The title says it all. IMO: Bertha. Her Pokemon aren't that tough, in fact, she has a Quagsire! (Which is a slow, and not an Elite-four suitible Pokemon.) You're opinion?
  9. Palamon

    The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross.

    A manga by Arina Tanemura. Has anyone read it? I have, and hated the ending.
  10. Palamon

    Origin Of Your User Name.

    Move this, I don't know where it should go ... The question is simple, how did you come up with your user name? I'm interested, so, I would like to know how you came up with it.
  11. Palamon

    Soul will have a cameo in the anime.

    On a website, I found this picture. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y251/Mr_lostit/1251353984860.png Soul is in that picture... that means she will be appearing in a future episode. (Unlike Leaf.) Discuss.
  12. Palamon

    R/S/E. Glitch thread

    Post glitched that happened in your R/S/E game here. (Other thread died.) I think this is a glitch... it "Swampert's makes ground type moves miss with LEVITATE." Is that possible? Swampert doesn't have that ability.. I swear it was Swampert. Post yours here.
  13. Palamon

    What skin do you use. (General member question.)

    On the bottom of this board, there is a drop down menu. It allows us to choose skins. What skins do you use from that drop down menu? --Serebii.net V9.0-- --Serebii.net V7.0-- --Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire-- --Pokémon Fire Red & Leaf Green-- --Pokémon Gold, Silver & Crystal-- (1)...
  14. Palamon

    Create a ranger quest

    Another thread that I believe was never made. Create a Pokemon Ranger quest in this thread it's simple: Quest name: Quest number: Unlock criteria: How to clear: Pokemon to be captured to clear the quest: Earned styler: Example: Quest name: Find my Aron! Quest number: 200 Unlock...
  15. Palamon

    Create a ranger mission.

    I don't believe this thread was ever made. (I'll make a separate thread for creating quests.) Create a Ranger mission it's simple. Mission name: Unlock criteria: How to beat: Mission boss: Rank up to rank: Example Mission name: Find the Alpha Unlock criteria: Beat the Rampardos...
  16. Palamon

    Types that need more Pokemon.

    Pokemon types. There are a lot of water types and normal types. But that's not the question! What type should have more Pokemon? There are many that I am aware of that need more. Amount of Pokemon in each type: (This does NOT include arceus! Arceus will only be mentioned with the normal...
  17. Palamon

    570 error!

    Help me I was Browsing Bulbapedia typed in "Regirock and I got this instead" Then it spread to every tab!!!!!!!! Why did this happen to me?
  18. Palamon

    Full moon O sagashite

    Who reads this Manga? I'm one of the People who does I like them. Tell me your opinions on this Manga series.
  19. Palamon

    I will give you this for THAT! Do you want the item?

    This game is fun.... this is how you play you say a random item any! the Poster after the second Posts yes or no. Example: Player 1: Nintendo DS Player 2: I'll give you a pen for that Player 3: No a pen is a cheap offer. Pen cap ect. I'll start... Nintendo 64
  20. Palamon

    Shiny Rental Pokemon?

    Who was lucky enough to spot a shiny Rental Pokemon? I am I saw a shiny Arbok rental and rented it right away now I wanna steal it somehow. Okay discuss, And if you don't emerald simply choose choice 4 on the poll.