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    Sorta New, Need friends

    Hey, My name is Cubones Mother (For short, call me Kikia). Ive been here for a while but haven't become active until two months ago or so. Currently I'm breeding pokemon (Piplups mostly, but then it's on to Gastlys) and was just looking for some new friends maybe
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    Creepy Kids Movie

    I saw this movie when I was in school around grade 1-2. It was all about Mark Twain and it was from the 80's or something. Seriously though, It was flipping creepy. Here's one of the creepiest parts too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALO95kDh9m8 It makes me tremble every time I see it.
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    *Waves* Hiii!!!!

    Hiya! I'm Kikia. I do Fakemon sprites for fun :) Taking requests too! My games: Red blue Yellow Green (Ohh my the sprites...) Silver (First one) Gold Crystal Ruby Sapphire Firered Diamond (my "save all the pokemon here" file) Pearl Platinum Getting: Heartgold/ Soulsilver...