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    If pokemon were real and in your area...

    Lots of frozen mountains, and ski resorts, so probably there would be obamasnow, sneasal, a articuno, and lots more ice types. If you go down the mountains, it turns into a nice forested area, with a big lake, and diverse terrain. Maybe being able to harbor all types of Pokemon due to almost...
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    "Unloved" Pokemon

    A male Combee. It is so unloved, it is often released, rather than wonder trade. Because it doesn't evolve, or have good stats, it is useless in competition. Fund the homeless male combees, they need pokepuffs and love.
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    Pokemon of Famous People from History

    The Robertson clan would have a team of farfetche'D
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    Things that grind your gears!

    That it's so hard to get a magikarp on the GTS. Receiving a Weedle, caterpie, fletchling, Pidgey, scatterbug, any gen rodent(except an diggersby) on wondertrade. Losing in wifi battles. Why everyone else seams to be able to hatch shines, except me. Event code downloads, only for buyers of the...
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    Pokémon you thought would suck, but have surprised you

    I used a diggersby as my HM slave in x when I first started, I thought, oh it's another gen rodent. But when I found myself in a corner, I finally used it at level 78 because i I had exp all on, and this thing dominated. Now everytime I restart, I make one an important member of my team.
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    Things in the Pokémon world which just don't make sense (by pokémon standards)

    I am wondering about the biology of each individual Pokemon. How can a Pokemon forget amnesia? Can ponyta reall jump over the luminosity city gym?
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    Gym Leaders & Elite Four Thread

    I was so exited for this gen, hoping for a dark type gym leader. Nope. I wonder how many mor gens it will take to get a dark type gym?
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    Wonder Trade Stories

    Got a smeargle with moon blast and geomancy. Must have battled xerneas and a gardovier.
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    Favorite side Pokemon game/games

    I loved the ranger games and I hope that they make a new one for gen 6. I was hoping so much for one in gen 5 because they had the trainer class ranger in the games.
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    What was in you last booster?

    Radiant mew EX and a holographic victini
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    N's real parents

    I believe that N is from the Kalos region. The connections between the two regions are amazing. Inside this spoiler is a bunch of spoilers, and myself drawing connections and coming up with an idea of N's relatives
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    Who did you choose ?

    When I first received leaf green when I in third grade, I was pure as I made the decision, not knowing how anything matched up, and I chose bulbasaur. I played through all the way to the elite four, and never made it past lance. I stopped then And there and restarted and picked charmander. Up...
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    Official 6th Generation Competitive Metagame Discussion

    One of my favorite combinations in this meta game, is a double battle team of Greninja and Agislash. I set up a mat block using Greninja's speed, changing its type using protean ability, then my Agislash uses substitute under safety of mat block, then use Greninja, holding a foucus sash, to...
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    Trainer Customization Thread

    I noticed that some of the outfits were really expensive, unless you did a lot of battling, and I am happy that they are doing the discount coupon item download in japan, and hopefully everywhere else. I am wondering though, will the coupon work with the hair salon. (P.s if you do t know about...
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    Legendary Pokémon Thread v2

    I just hope that one of the event exclusive legendaries, or special Pokemon, will be encountered in a battle, initiated by some item like the enigma stone in heart gold, or a special train pass, to fix the lack of post game. Also during my typing I thought that if the events through bank work...
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    Pokémon X & Y Music Appreciation Thread

    Some of the best songs personally, were from the legendary cut scenes. When the version legendary was awoken, oh man, that tune, it starts out with a call, then is answerd epically, then just gets better. Then the actual legendary battle music, from the main story to the Kanto remix. They really...
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    The Team Flare Thread

    Maybe game freak will give us more information about Lysander in the sequels if they come out. They seam to be doing that kind of thing lately. The Celebi event for heart gold and soul silver, spread more light on the Giovanni, silver situation. They didn't need much with Cyrus and team...
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    PokéRadar & Chain Fishing Thread

    Chain fishing hasn't worked out well for me. I had a suction cup octillary and was on the route right outside of shalom city, fishing between rocks. I went through 146 tries until it finally read that there wasn't a bite. I did everything right. I continued to retry, and just get lucky. I really...
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    Battle Maison Thread

    My best streak is 48. I always suffer from a close loss. I use a mega Kangaskan, garchomp, and a sylveon in super singles. Personal I wish that the pokemon you battle in any battle facility in game, are recorded. It would be great to have some of the legendaries in my pokedex.
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    X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

    Organized all my Pokemon in my X version. Doing this so that when Pokemon bank comes out, I can transfer them through the bank into my Y version. I realized that I rushed through X the day it came out and never had a chance to enjoy the story. Always enjoy the story, and stop and smell the Pokemon.