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  1. Kelz

    Rename the Member Above You

    RENAME THE MEMBER ABOVE YOU ================================================== HOW TO PLAY: -The title is pretty self-explanatory. See who the last poster in the thread was, then give them a new username that you think would suit them well. This may be derived from their avatar, current...
  2. Kelz

    Eternal Diversity Revelations

    We are sorry, but EDR has closed. It was a great run everybody, thanks for the support. ~Keldeo 647 ~*IZ* ~zac4564 About Us Table of Contents Easily find what you're looking for! News and Events See what's happening at EDR.* *Please know that once...
  3. Kelz

    Keldeo 647's eShop~ Events, Shinies, & DW Pokémon for trade!

    Keldeo 647's eShop~ Events, Shinies, & DW Pokémon for trade! v2.1 Welcome :), and thank you for visiting my new and improved eShop. I have completely re-modeled my trade shop to benifit you and me! Shop Status: ==================== My shop is part of the SPPf United Trade...
  4. Kelz

    Raging Swarm Deck, Rate Please!

    This is my first deck I'm building from scratch, so... ya. This deck is Modified format. Pretty much running Yanmega Prime & Ursaring Prime w/ some other basic Pokémon to back 'em. The reason I chose 2 Pokémon SP's as back up is because they're some of the only good basic Pokémon that don't...
  5. Kelz

    Hand-drawn Keldeo!

    Well, this is probalbly the first hand drawn peice of pokemon artwork I've put a lot of effort into. I made things like the eyes & head larger on purpose. Tell me what you think! Thanks!
  6. Kelz

    Hello SPP!!!

    Hello!!! I've been using serebii.net for a few years now, so I decided to join the Forums. As you can tell from my username, my favorite Pokemon is... not keldeo. It's Psyduck, actually. :/ Well, thanks for welcoming me! I hope I can be a great addition to the SPP Forums.