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    -The Naruto Club-

    banner by me -The Naruto Club- Welcome to the Naruto Club! We are a club dedicated to Masashi Kishimoto's hit series Naruto! Whether it be classic Naruto, or Naruto Shippuden, the anime or the manga, discuss it here! For those of you who don't know about Naruto, here is a brief description of...
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    [Guide] Shiny Hunting

    //images from serebii, some info from serebii Intro -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome fellow breeders and shiny hunters; this is a guide for all of you to get familiar with the common shiny hunting methods and most likely use them. I hope...
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    I'm back

    Hey, Wadder here :) I'm back, but not with many active friends left :( SOO, I want to make new ones! I like: Hockey Graphics Bleach Naruto Bakuman Homestuck Sword Art Online Other Anime just send me a Friend Request :P
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    The Homestuck Discussion Thread

    Does anyone here read Homestuck? If you do, this is the place to discuss it! For those of you who don't read it, here is some information. It is a webcomic featured on http://www.mspaintadventures.com It's really funny and absolutely awesome. Act 1 may seem a tad bit boring, but when act 1 ends...
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    BakaBaka Graphics

    BakaBaka Graphics Welcome to BakaBaka graphics. A small art shop owned by me, Wadder2! This is the place to find good quality banners, signatures, and userbars. Hopefully more will be added soon, depending on what I learn! Rules -All SppF Forum and Art Shop rules apply -Do not...
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    Star Bolt Graphics

    Star Bolt Graphics --------------------------------- Welcome to Star Bolt Graphics. Here you’ll find great graphics and hopefully request some! RULES 1. Always use the forms. Never request anything without using the forms. 2. Always upload to your own host, I only get so much bandwidth per...
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    Is this a good deal?

    $170 for this.... -Pokemon Plasma Storm Booster Box x1 -Pokemon Plasma Storm theme decks, set of 2 x1 -Pokemon Legends of Justice Box x1 -Pokemon Spring Tins Set of 3 x1
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    Just somethin' random I put together...

    Pokemon (14) 2 Mewtwo EX 3 Kyurem EX 1 Zekrom (BW) 1 Black Kyurem (BC) 1 Pikachu (ND) 2 Raichu (ND) 2 Scraggy (ND) 1 Scrafty (ND) 1 Audino (EP) Supporters (14) 2 Bianca 4 Proffessor Juniper 2 N 2 Cheren 2 Colress 1 Hugh 1 Skyla Trainers (8) 1 Computer Search 1 Scramble...
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    New Signature

    Just made a signature after a REALLY LONG TIME! I think it turned out pretty good, C+C pls!
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    The Bakuman Discussion Thread

    Talk about anything Bakuman here! Bakuman is great! Go Saiko x Miho! I've read the whole series twice :O
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    Mewdio (Legal)

    Squirtle - x3 Wartortle - x1 Blastoise - x3 Mewtwo EX - x2 Keldeo EX - x4 Proffesor Juniper - x4 Bianca - x3 Cheren -x2 N - x2 Skyla x2 Hugh - x1 Computer Search - x1 Ultra Ball - x3 Rare Candy - x4 Pokemon Catcher - x4 Super Rod - x1 Max Potion - x2 Pokedex - x1 Plus Power...
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    Insanity Eon

    Welcome to Insanity Eon! This is my art shop of insanity. Enjoy! Open // Closed Wait List - - - The Mysterious Stranger may request whenever he likes Rules 1.All SPPF and Art Shop rules apply 2.Use all forms 3. No bugging for your request; you’ll get it when you get it. 4. Only request 1...
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    How many Super-Rares and Rare Holo's do you have?

    What I'm asking is, how many super rare or rare holo cards do you have? I have quite a few: Raichu Prime Starmie (Multi-type Delta series) Kingler (Multi-type Delta Series) Slowking Prime Kyurem EX Reshiram (Rare Holo) Reshiram (rare holo, BW set) Zekrom (Rare holo, BW set) Samurott...
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    Do you aim to complete your PokeDex?

    Do you aim to complete your PokeDex in the games? Basically what I'm askign is, do you ever want to complete the national dex? I'm talking about catching em' all! Personnally, I've always wanted to catch em' all, but never actually have. How about you?
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    OC Character (Dragonball Z Style)

    This is my OC, in DBZ style
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    Pokemon: Dark Explorers

    What do you guys think of the newest set of TCG cards? Are you content with them? Do you like the EX's? Do you think Darkrai EX is awesome? Discuss!
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    C a s c a d e G a l l e r y

    Here's my graphics. C+C is appreciated!
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    C a s c a d e G r a p h i c s

    Welcome to C a s c a d e G r a p h i c s! Here you may request graphics from myself. There are rules you have to follow, though: Rules -All SPPF Rules apply -Always give credit -No spam, or double posting -Only request what I'm offering -Follow the forums Open | Closed Hiring?: Yes Art W...
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    FAVORITES: Anime Characters

    Okay. This is a place to discuss your favorite anime characters. Please sy what anime the character is from. My favorite is Sakura-kun from Bluedgoning Angel: Dokuro-chan I love how he feels out when he sees Dokuro naked xD
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    Are stealth rock sets really that good?

    I'm just saying, I don't really think stealth rock works for me. Does it work for you?