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    Origins: The War

    Origins: The War Lilycove City Hoenn It was a beautiful June day. A faint haze rose from the ground, indicative of the heat, but he never minded warm. It was cold that bothered him — and he abruptly reached for the air-conditioning unit on the wall, turning it down several degrees. His damn...
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    Biggest challenge?

    Here's something I'm curious about: as a author, what is the most difficult part of pulling your story together? Is it something you're weak at and know it? An affliction of writer's block? For me, it's the fact that I absolutely have to have an outline before I start anything--that I know...
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    Sapphire Team--Hopefully Somewhat Competitive

    A friend and I are dusting off R/S/E, raising a team each from Pokémon caught in-game (no trades) to level 70, after which we'll have a battle. As the title suggests, I'm using Sapphire; I'll be facing an Emerald (and before you get on me for being cheap and using the Uber--there are no rules...
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    Pokémon: Legends

    Pokémon: Legends Pokémon: Legends Rating: PG-13 [Some language, mild violence, character pairings] By Super_Nerd Well, first of all, an introduction! To keep from cluttering the IC, story parts, I think I'll put all of me talking in spoiler tags. Prolouge: The Legend of...