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    Team Embrace The Bulky Offence

    Hello everyone, welcome to my very special RMT, built to capitalize on the potentials of Bulky Offense in the new generation whereupon we find ourselves in. First, the team building process! So, I started with Goodra and Mega Mawile. Goodra's enormous Special Defense and great coverage made him...
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    A Living, Breathing Setting

    I doubt any of you remember me, but 'tis I. I have been thinking about writing again, and hope to make it to actually writing somewhat soon. One of my favorite ideas involves making a 1920's or so style cheese factory a workplace for the protagonist. I want this place to seem real, to have a...
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    The Best Non-Explict (or E to T) Non-Nintendo Games

    Hello, everyone. It doesn't seem as though there is a thread for this, so what the hey. As a fairly devoted Nintendo gamer, I rarely run into issues causes by my many scruples. However, my dad is not a Nintendo gamer, and he's been looking for something fun for a while. He's been looking into...
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    Mood of Writing vs. Mood of Author

    I tend to have very drastic mood swings. Always teetering between optimism and hope, and doom and despair. I don't know if anybody else has this problem, but it's becoming a problem for me because sometimes I can depressed when I should be writing lighthearted parts, and cheery when I should be...
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    Making Characters be Liked by the Readers

    I didn't see a thread present for this subject, and it is a pressing matter in my current project... So, how do you make your audience sympathetic to your characters? I'm not going to bring up my character's specific example- not just because I'm very, VERY prone to embarrassing myself before...
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    An Extremely Tricky Team

    I had a good idea expanding off my original Trick Room team, so please be more helpful this time! This is a Video Game Championship RMT, by the way, so remember that only Unova Pokemon are allowed, this to be used in a Double Battle, and no duplicate items. The credit for these images goes to...
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    Getting an idea from your head to the paper

    Exactly what the title says. Discuss! It's the hardest part of the Fiction for me... Especially with characters. I have great ideas, but they never look like that once upon Microsoft Word. What's your strategy concerning this?
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    BREEZY/PSYCHIC/DRAGONFREE IF YOU SEE THIS PLEASE HELP ME. OR MAYBE DON'T... Ahem. Sorry about that. This is my first Fiction ever, and frankly, I'm nervous. ...And it's a Journey Fiction. BUT. Before you click the fastest lick outta here, I have not skimped the slightest in effort...
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    Fun with Magnezone

    Exactly what the title states! Since Steels are the only thing that stand in the way of Draco Meteors and Outrages, why not use Magnezone to eliminate those guys first? Magnezone@Air Balloon Ability: Magnet Pull Nature: Modest EVs: 252 HP, 252 Sp. Atk., 4 Def. Charge Beam HP (Fire)...
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    A Very Tricky Team

    I qualified for the Nationals! So I decided to NOT beat around the bush and get right to raising! Please keep in mind that only Unova Pokemon will be able to participate, this team is for Double Battles, and no duplicate items are allowed. Thank you for clicking to see/rate my team. Klinklang...
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    Wagon fulla Pancakes VGC Championships!

    Anyone who has seen the sbemail Montage knows that Wagons Fulla Pancakes win the championships (or least the champeenships, here's the link: http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail117.html), which is exactly what this team tries to achieve. The 2011 VGC (Video Game Championships) rules will be...
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    Rushed Black Team

    It's three days until Black comes in English and I need some advice quick. Keep in mind I'll use these after I beat the game in wifi battles. I am totally willing to breed and get specific natures, and catching Pokemon late in the game in no problem. Criticism and comments are appreciated...
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    What I think would be a good competitive team

    Welcome all raters! I'd be thankful if you'd rate this and help me, especially with EVs, since I don't know exactly what stats are required to OHKO or 2KO certain Pokemon with certain moves. So... here it is. Landorus/Terrakion I can't decide between these two... any comments would be...
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    Pokemon World Championship 2011 Team

    Welcome all raters! I'd be thankful if you'd rate this and help me, especially with EVs, since I don't know exactly what stats are required to OHKO or 2KO certain Pokemon with certain moves. Important Note: This team is constructed under the following rules: 1. Only Unova Pokemon (goes...
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    5th gen competitive standard team

    Well, here it is. Porygon2@Evo Stone Nature: Relaxed Ability:Trace Moves: Recover Icy Wind Thunderbolt Magic Coat? Icy Wind + Thunderbolt is BoltBeam coverage. Icy wind (HG move tutor) is to make stuff easier for the rest of my team. As a bonus, it hits multiple opponents. Recover...
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    Future Black Team

    As you may have guessed, this is my future black team. Comments and criticism are appreciated. To the Pokemon! http://pokejungle.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/497.png Nature: Docile, Serious, Bashful, Quirky Ability: Overgrow Giga Drain Dragon Tail Coil Aerial Ace I always have...
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    Apology + New Sandstorm triple battle team

    Sorry I created that dud of a thread. I'm a newbie, but I guess that's no excuse... Any way, I'll do it right this time. Here's my idea, please rate it or tell your own. Ability: Damp Item: Leftovers Nature: Relaxed Swampert Wide Guard Blizzard Boiling water Toxic Ability: Sand...
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    New Sandstorm Triple Team

    Hello! If you read this and have an account, please rate.