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    Which Elite 4 Member has the best chance of showing up in Best Wishes

    Well the title says it lol, Which E4 member has the best chance of showing up and why. I also added Karen and Will onto the poll just to get opinions.
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    Can we expect the Unova Elite Four members to appear in the anime?

    I was thinking how we saw all four lovely Elite Members back in the Sinnoh Saga. I was wondering, does anyone reckon the Elite Four of Unova will appear at all in the series?
  3. K

    Will any characters from HGSS appear

    I've always thought about this and actually wanted the few characters from johto who didn't appear in the anime appear this time around due to the release of HGSS. For example, Karen is someone who i would really like to see. The characters that come to mind for an anime debut is Will...
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    HGSS Character most likely to appear in the anime

    Which character from HGSS who hasnt appeared in the anime yet, would you expect to appear
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    Remaining Elite Four Members Debut???

    Here we can discuss when the remaining elite four members; Bertha and Flint will appear in the anime. This actually worries me because personally i dont want Bertha to appear a couple of episodes before Flints. I mean were sorta running out of time. I imagined Bertha would appear around...
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    Remaining GSC characters that should appear in the Anime

    Well since a new game is being introduced and is speculated to be a gsc remake. Similar to how Agatha appeared in the Anime to introduce frlg, i think the similar will happen to the remaining gsc characters which havnt appeared in the anime (met by Ash and co.) So which of these characters...
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    What else should occur around the Snowpoint episodes?

    The title says it,,,I personally can imagine Bertha's debut around a snowy place due to her warm clothing scarf jacket etc. Maybe training against elite four Glacia??
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    Battle Frontier Arc in the Anime??

    i really want a battle frontier arc but a reason makes me think there isnt going to be one. the reason are the medals you win. for example the kanto frontier arc had the same medals as in the games, however the medals you win in pokemon platinum doesnt look appopriate for the anime , an example...
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    For Platinum team

    hi guys im really confused on wich pokemon to have on my team of 6 (and if you are wondering why not raise pokemon like floatzel,milotic salamence etc. its because ive raised them in my previous games emerald etc to a high level which i migrated later into my pearl) Turtwig - Grotle -...
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    Favourite Villain *May contain spoilers*

    who is your favourite villain ?? mine has to be Jupiter :D:D
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    Old Chateau

    The old chateau is the only factor of the games which has not appeared in the anime. Do you think we will see it and why. i think it should because, nearly everything else has showed up in the anime from the games so far. but its weird how they didnt show it when they were in eterna forest...
  12. K

    Emerald Tv

    hii i know it may be in the wrong section but i jsut wanted to know. i have a gamecube and gameboy advance. how can i connect my gameboy advance to the tv to play p.emerald? thanks
  13. K

    Vs art

    hii i found the vs art/sprites very attractive in pokemon platinum. vs art is the sprite art that you see when challenging gym leaders,frontierbrains,champion and elite four in platinum, an example is the one on my avatar being dahlia. it got me thinking whod like to design and make some for...
  14. K

    Ash - Dawn Continues and Bye Bye Brock

    it might be a bit random lol but i have a feeling that after sinnoh and maybe battle frontier brock will leave dawn will continue with ash and a new character joins ash. i just have that feeling... what do u guys think
  15. K

    Fan Battle Frontier

    this is a thread to put in fanfic frontier brains and buildings :) il start first off we already have -Factory Head Noland -Arena Tycoon Greta -Dome Ace Tucker -Pike Queen Lucy -Palace Maven Spenser -Salon Maiden Anabel -Pyramid King Brandon -Tower Tycoon Palmer -Factory Head Nejiki...
  16. K

    Battle Tower Help :((

    i really want to get the battle fontier of hoen completed first then i want to move on to sinnohs battle frontier. i find the battle tower quite difficult well i supose it is a random number of pokemon in the challenge but i need pokemon good enough to actually beat it ive been using...
  17. K

    Pyramid HELPP!!!!!

    god i thought the battle arena was dificult this battle pyramid iss anoyying. i got up to the pyramid king first time but i lost now im finding it difficult and annoying. other challenges were ok i beat the others like this Factory Head Noland - 4 Trys Arena Tycoon Greta - 12 Trys Dome...
  18. K

    pleaase help me :( on Typhoon Greta

    its realy dificult for me ive started chalenging the battle frontier so far ive got only the battle factorys symbol going in order. ive tried atleast 8/9 times sometimes i cant get to greta and sometimes she defeats me im gettin rele anoyed now lol i really need some advice ow did u guys beat...
  19. K

    Which Trainer Do You Want To See Most

    well the title states it lol personally i chose dahlia because i reckon shes got a very different style and personality may be cool Damn that indian chicks hot lol (PS i didnt add Byron because he is the next closest trainer to show up)
  20. K

    Steven + Karen related???

    its just got me thinking i was looking at pictures of the two trainers Steven stone and elite 4 Karen i noticed they look very similar that may make them related. http://img215.imageshack.us/my.php?image=stevenzd3.png http://img215.imageshack.us/my.php?image=karensy4.png the similarities...