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    Genesect & The Legend Awakened (M16)

    Shetwo/Mewtwo in this movie is great. I was afraid that she would be nerfed like crazy, but she survived it and showed what she was capable of. I really liked her personality; very different from the original Mewtwo, which is good. It helps set her apart. Preferring to use words over action, but...
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    Discussion of Serebii.net X & Y Discovery Thread

    So, Serebii, you actually gaining Exp. this time? :) I like the sound of Ability Capsule. Quite an item.
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    Smash Brothers for Nintendo Switch (and others)

    Did anyone else tune in for that major SSBM tourney that Nintendo tried shutting down? :) http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll299/six_nomads/135k_zpsbbbfb18e.jpg ...No? Ok... )=
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    Movie 16 - ExtremeSpeed Genesect & The Awakening of Mewtwo - FIRST DETAILS

    Sadly, Lucario's movie raised the bar - and expectations - people had from the writers. I've said it before... People don't give kids enough credit. Use your own personal experience. Have you ever noticed inconsistencies that writers/movie developers tried to hide but you could blatantly tell...
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    Movie 16 - ExtremeSpeed Genesect & The Awakening of Mewtwo - FIRST DETAILS

    Everyone expected at least the ending to be stupid. But there's a fine line between simply appealing to kids, and treating us the audience like we're idiots. Especially Ash, for forgetting the first Mewtwo despite heavily implying it was the old Mewtwo when the trailer showed. He even said...
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    Movie 16 - ExtremeSpeed Genesect & The Awakening of Mewtwo - FIRST DETAILS

    Maybe first Mewtwo will have the new forme! ...Nahhh. I love the way the animation for this movie looks so far. Beautiful. Newtwo or no, I'm glad GAME FREAK decided to bring the Pokemon back into the limelight, he certainly deserves it after disappearing from 2nd, 3rd, and early 4th gen, and...
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    Favorite meaningful Pokemon?

    Darkrai. While Mewtwo is my favorite, during Darkrai's earliest reveals during the Dialga Vs. Palkia Vs. Darkrai previews, I started up a blog & roleplayed as the Pitch Black Pokemon. I imagined what it would be like to be a secluded, NightMare-enducing creature... nearly daily entries of "him"...
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    What would happen if Mewtwo and Arceus crossed-paths in the anime?

    Miracle Eye. Boom, Dark Plate is done. Mewtwo was literally created to fight, he is a patient strategist who looks for effective ways to destroy his foe; Arceus is hot-headed and arrogant, his primary "strategy" is relying on his Plates to counter any moves used against him. I feel Mewtwo would...
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    Movie 16 - ExtremeSpeed Genesect & The Awakening of Mewtwo - FIRST DETAILS

    I now feel much more comfortable with the new Mewtwo voice. It seems pretty fitting, with the way this more feminine Mewtwo acts & even looks. It was a softer version of him(?). While yes, it does undermine 1st Mewtwo's significance as one-of-a-kind, at least they didn't completely screw up his...
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    BWSP: Mewtwo Awakens Prologue (July 11)

    This actually worries me. If a good handful of the Japanese fans don't bother going to the movie due to the new (frankly terrible) voice casting change, I don't see GAME FREAK kicking themselves because of the VA choice... rather, they may end up viewing it as Mewtwo not being popular/profitable...
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    BWSP: Mewtwo Awakens Prologue (July 11)

    I don't keep up with the anime, so I have no idea who Virgil is, or his importance to... anything, other than being an excuse to show Sylveon I'm sure. Kind of worrying to hear Mewtwo becomes "gravely injured," I'm more wondering who or what does that to him. This almighty Psychic...
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    Lost Intrest?

    ix-nay on the om-ray! At least, I'm quite sure there's a policy against that here... OT - I'm going through that phase myself. Hardly interested in Pkmn as is, just hanging around and waiting to hear more of Mewtwo's movie. Haven't picked up a game in quite a few months. But like it has before...
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    Movie 16 - ExtremeSpeed Genesect & The Awakening of Mewtwo - FIRST DETAILS

    Pardon if this was posted elsewhere, but for anyone who missed it, here's a translation of the interview for Mewtwo's new Japanese voice actress... Probably doesn't shed light on anything, but eh: Yuyama Kunihiko-Kantoku x Takashima Reiko Interview Takashima Reiko has been...
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    Saturday: Pokémon X & Y - CoroCoro

    Lol, "shiny" Garchomp download for Pokemon Rumble U. Couldn't even tell. The absolute worst shiny Pkmn GAME FREAK could've picked for release. But yeah! Mewtwo! Poor Genesect's just chillin down there. "mann I'm shiny and everything, no one's paying attention anymore ): "
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    Legendaries Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Very~ happy to hear it's a Mewtwo forme. That means base Mewtwo will likely show up in Pokemon X & Y in some way. Hopefully he'll have a bigger-than-average role.
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    Movie 16 - ExtremeSpeed Genesect & The Awakening of Mewtwo - FIRST DETAILS

    This is AMAZING. I didn't think GAME FREAK would actually do it. My body was so not ready for this announcement. Don't disappoint us now, GAME FREAK! GET HYPE.
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    Kaiju Combat (monster fighter)

    I'll humor you: it's being made by the team responsible for several titles already -- Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee; Godzilla: Save the Earth; Godzilla: Unleashed -- if those ring any bells. GDAMM and Unleashed quite popular, but I prefer Save the Earth myself. :) They're already in...
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    Kaiju Combat (monster fighter)

    What you talking about? ;) GAME IS OFFICIALLY IN PRODUCTION! You can keep tabs over at their forums, or view their wiki (both linked in the first post). They'll be doing a monster reveal later tomorrow, so stay tuned...!
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    Pokémon of the Week

    Charizard is incredibly overrated... Glad to finally see an update putting him in his place. He's good in the games, pretty great in the anime - but that's about it.
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    Kaiju Combat (monster fighter)

    For anyone who's played Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee for the Gamecube might enjoy this... KAIJU COMBAT - Giant Monsters. Awesome. Online. Meet the Super Smash Bros. equivalent of giant monster fighters. This game aims to be a massive crossover franchise - combining the forces of big...