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    Think im done with TCG but, I may not

    As title say's I'm currently stuck between if I should continue buying cards.My local league closed down in December without a notice and all the other leagues in the city are set rules,pay,tournament style,etc.It was the only reason I bought cards so I can actual have fun with the cards.Now its...
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    Because of this I cant make anymore videos

    Im a video maker and I put these videos on youtube but for some reason when i publish the dang video it will only show about 1/4 of the video and the rest is a black screen!.How am i supposed to fix this?.Is it windows movie maker causing the problem?
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    Are they making more Mario spin-off games?

    I searched but I found nothing.I was trying to find out about anymore mario spin-offs but I found nothing so are they making anymore?I really want a mario golf for wii so any info on that?Do you have info for me about this? (If it is another thread about Mario spin-offs close this please)
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    What can I expect from reformating my game card

    Well today at my friends house We were going to play with my games which are on my game card for the gamecube but what i notice it wouldent let me play.So I reformated(which told me to)So I did but it said I couldnt play it so I tried switching slots and it worked for slot b but not for a.I did...
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    A battle

    Im looking for a battle that is everything goes :)I want to test my team if its good or not.(I will edit this after the battle is done) Edit:Double battle for this
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    Is it me?

    because in pmd2 whenever i use a move it would always hit about 25% of the time but in red my moves would always hit.So did they change the acc for all the moves?Also is there a way to raise pp in this game?
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    ds wont turn on

    today i knew my ds was working right because i was playing it.then i turned of the ds to do other things.i came back later and i found out i cant turn it on.I thought i left it on and it ran out of power but i put it in the recharger to see if it did and nothing.so what should i do?
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    i need help

    well i took one of my games to my friends house and i brought a game he had but i want to know that if he mixed up the game disk whith his and i have a game disk would it put his data on the xbox to my xbox? i have played the game before so i have game data on the xbox so if i have his game disk...
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    move dealeter

    i forgot whare to find the move dealeter in all the s/r/e games can someone tell me whare he is?
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    looking for a battle

    looking for a battle you decide the rules and no ubers
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    sapphire or ruby

    which do you like i really like sapphire the best :D
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    ds problem

    my left button wont work right because in some games you have to move that derection but i have to wait a while till it starts up but starts happening again whenever i move. what should i do?and another thing happend yesterderday it wouldent turn on after i recharged it. my ds has big time...
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    Yoshi or Bowser

    so who do you like best :D?for me its Yoshi :) Off topic: i got this from another topic
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    have you ever got your cards ripped?

    well this happend to me befor when my sister was on my chair for the computer she played around whith it then the chair fell and hit something and it rippedbut it almost hit my cards then my sister said what happend? so i told her you almost hit my cards whith the chair:off topic they where in a...
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    Fishing Champ

    another fun game that i played :D basicly you just fish, cook them, or sell them, or put them in a aquarium and take care of them :Dso does anyone play it? off topic i know whos going to post O.O
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    help pls

    theres this bug i think and my polls wont show up and this has not happend before >.< i dont know what happend :( so can anyone help me?
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    shot online

    anyone play it? its another golf game whith custimizing,a whole lot of clubs added daily i think and a whole lot of courses :)
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    kart rider

    anyone play it its another race game and beta will close the 18 of march so that means it will probly come out for full realese..cant spell it sorry :(so that means theres only 3 days left :(
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    any one play maple story?

    its a fun game to play and you get to choose a job you want to be and hunt monsters does anyone play it?im on windia if anyone wants to know
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    help again

    in the trade forumtheres a thread i wanted to post in but that means i will bump it is there a other way to post in it?