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  1. FloatzieDPPT

    Cinccino should on paper be my least favorite Pokèmon but....

    Cinccino should on paper be my least favorite Pokèmon. It evolves with a stone ( I do not hate stones but i do not prefer them) It has the gimmick of gaining fur or hair after evolution (like mega Altaria and Ampharos) Is part of the Generation with probably the most forgettable Pokémon But...
  2. FloatzieDPPT

    My Opinion On Emboar.

    I am currently playing through Pokémon Black Version and this time around I used Emboar (for the first time). While playing through most of the game, i noticed how OP the Pokémon is. It had grown to level 44 before the 7th gym, and this is not me just being carried by it, i did not use it during...
  3. FloatzieDPPT

    The Elemental Monkey Trio are pretty ok

    These Pokémon usually get a lot of hate due to their designs but if you ask me, i generally do not have a problem with these Pokémon. Though i do like their pre-evolutions more then the final-evolutions. I like the concept, especially Simisage being based on the bōsōzoku subculture in Japan. I...
  4. FloatzieDPPT

    Mistakes You Have Made In Pokémon Games.

    The idea of this thread came from my recent Black Version playthrough. While i was in Driftveil city, i found a Vanilish. I gave it an exp share because it was pretty under-leveled compared to the rest of my team. I few minutes later, i find a new Vanilish and it had a better Nature and...
  5. FloatzieDPPT

    What is a Generation?

    For me, a generation is a time period of about 3 years. The thing is that i see my friends say that a generation is a set amount of games that came out during a specific time period. What do you think a generation really is exactly?
  6. FloatzieDPPT

    What are your favorite baby pokemon?

    My personal favorite is Happiny, Brock owned one in the anime and it was very memorable due to the fact it was insanely strong.
  7. FloatzieDPPT

    The Boxart looks like Palkia and Dialga transforming.

    I don't know, i feel like there is something GF are hiding, may it be primal forms or a completely new thing. If you look past the whole "They stepped on a lego" meme. I actually have an idea of what is happening, maybe Cyrus pushed the pokémon to their limit and ended up transfoming? Like, we...
  8. FloatzieDPPT

    Food-Mon are pretty cool

    I feel like food-mon can be a tad bit underrated sometimes, Pokémon like Slurpuff and Appletun feel so ridiculous that they become cool (at least in my eyes). Alcremie has the gimmick of having 64 forms which i find quite interesting too. The Vanilite may sound really stupid at first but when...
  9. FloatzieDPPT

    Could Snorlax ever replace Pikachu?

    Like, i know this a dumb thread but this has been bugging me for a few days now. If we were in a world when Snorlax was the mascot of Pokémon, would you be against it or would you like it? I just see that Snorlax has a few features that could make it a mascot, like: 1. It being a quite iconic...
  10. FloatzieDPPT

    Was The Oshawott Line Ruined By Samurott?

    Like, i can understand the stigma against Samurott but GF could not have done anything else honestly. If you wanted a Samurott that looked more like Dewott and Oshawott, then it would just look like a bigger Dewott.
  11. FloatzieDPPT

    What Pokémon Has Carried Your Team

    An Empoleon carried me during my first playthrough of Platinum, it was level 58 when i beat the Sunyshore gym.
  12. FloatzieDPPT

    Platinum Episode?

    It would honestly be great if there was something like the Delta Episode in BDSP. Though i doubt this will happen.
  13. FloatzieDPPT

    I hope Unova remakes are never made.

    Looking at the BDSP, i hope Unova remakes don't come. I really hold BW and B2W2 close to my heart, they really fueled my love for Pokémon. It would really suck if they try and do the same thing they did to BDSP to BW, then call it a 'remake' or 'remaster'.
  14. FloatzieDPPT

    Is Pokemon Red still worth it? Should i just get Fire red?

    I have not actually played a kanto game, which should I play?