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  1. J

    My Artwork

    No I'm not a good artist. Can't say I am one. But im not a crappy artist either. First Update Second Update
  2. J

    Poke Art Shop!~

    Welcome!~ I don't think this will be a huge hit of a shop, but this is for fun ^^' Rules~ 1. No spamming 2. Please make it a maximum of 2 requests at a time 3. No more than 1 pokemon in a picture 4. I would appreciate a picture of you character or whatever 5. Tell me if you need...
  3. J

    Jaypaws Hand-Drawn Shop

    1. All serebii rules apply. Yes ALL of them 2. If you accidentally double post, please delete one 3. I will only take 4 requests at a time 4. If you want something else (like a 2 character picture) pm me. But I will only accept ONE of these requests. (look at the waiting list section I will...
  4. J

    Jaypaw Art Junk (v.2)

    Random stuff. I'll update some more soon :) Critiques and comments are appreciated (I mean please give me a constructive critique) I will be uploading in the order I drew them =3 Drawing Information: 1. The skitty is so domented *facepalm* the jirachi eye is screwed because my eraser...
  5. J

    My drawings =D

    I decided to make an art thread for my drawings =P so here are the three starter fakemon I drew: My cat character Mochi: My friend and my character together. This is in my fanfic. (which I've been to lazy to type up) Critiques and comments would be really nice!
  6. J

    Jaypaw's Hand-Drawn Shop

    1. Respect ALL serebii rules 2. Don't disrespect the picture, I work hard on it! 3. These are drawn with a mouse so they arn't perfect! 4. Fill out the forms or get yourself in the Quartine 5. Please wait until i make a visitor messege or a pm that tells you that your request is done. 6. I...
  7. J

    Jaypaw's Hand-Drawn Shop

    1.Motoboy 507 2.ZFXZFX 3. 4. 5. Workers: Jaypaw (me) 1. Please be respectful to the artist 2. If the list is full and you request i will ignore the request or put your username after a spot is open 3. Please do not rush the artist (we also have a life to live) 4. I do...
  8. J

    WHats up?! (not literally as in sky ect.)

    hi im jaypaw as you can see....i love to play pokemon games and i adore shaymin sky form. i also love the warrior series and im a game freak XD and hi ;492-s;