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    About Back Then...(Amourshipping)

    About Back Then...(Amourshipping, PG) During his journey through the Alola Region, Ash suddenly meets Serena, who is taking a break from Pokemon Contests in Hoenn to visit Ash and learn about the power of the Z-Ring. Ash is happy to see her once more, but one night, thoughts and emotions from a...
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    Serena vs. Korrina! A Long Night in the Tower of Mastery! (Rollershipping [PG])

    A Rollershipping one-shot inspired by a dream that I had a few nights ago. I hope you all enjoy it. It was night in Shalour City. All of its citizens slept soundly, safe under the careful watch of the tower that sat isolated in the ocean. Home to the secrets of Mega Evolution, the Tower of...
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    If you were the leader of Team [Insert Evil Regional team name here]...

    Ever since I saw the most recent Mega Evolution special, this question has been running through my mind. If you were in charge of one of the evil Regional organizations, what would you do? What would be your plans for dominating the region or fulfilling your goals as the organization's leader...
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    Steven Universe - Season 1

    With Season 1 about to approach its end and Season 2 close on the horizon, I thought it would be a good idea to start this discussion thread. For those of you that are fans of the show or even just watch it because nothing else is on, this is the place to talk about it.
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    New Set Discussion

    Can't believe no one's made this thread yet. Anyways, with the new Furious Fists set being released worldwide in August, there's bound to be new team ideas bouncing around. Feel free to discuss strategies involving the new sets or just talk about the new sets in general. Personally, what has...
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    New Moves: A sign of development or a sign of desperation

    Back in the days of Hoenn and Sinnoh, new moves seldom showed up out of nowhere. Occasionaly, they would be worked on during contest, and sometimes, these new moves would even have full episodes dedicated to their mastery. Skip ahead a few years to Unova, however, and you notice that there have...
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    Use of Attract in the Anime

    We all know how Attract works. Hearts fly from the user and towards the enemy, the enemy falls in love, and the user proceeds to spank buns and get an easy win. It's a decent move all-around, but has it overstayed it's welcome in the anime? We've already seen several occasions pre-Unova...
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    Which Gen. 6 starter will be chosen? *Possible Spoilers*

    With today's announcement of the upcoming Gen VI games comes more assumptions of Ash going on another adventure (obviously), and with a new generation comes new starter Pokemon. Their pictures can be found here. Now here comes the big question: If Ash really does go to this new region...
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    2012 VGCS Winter Battle: Post-Tournament thoughts

    [B][SIZE=4][CENTER] Okay, so we're finally into the last legs of the competition. I'm sure that most everybody is excited by how well they did. Well, here's the thread to talk about your experiences in it. You can post about your favorite Battle Video, that time you managed to get two freezes...
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    Why does Ash's Pikachu refuse to evolve (Read OP)

    Okay, so this is something that I was just talking with a friend about. Throughout all of these regions, we've seen Ash with the same Pikachu as always. From the beginning all the way until mid-Sinnoh, Ash has always had that Thunderstone with him, and there have been a ton of situations where...
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    Is the World Tournament still salvageable?

    Lately, I've been hearing a lot of complaints over the new BW2 and how the World Tournament is just another Don Tournament, but with a different name. During all that chaos, I finally remembered that this is the World Tournament JUNIOR Cup we're talking about, and we haven't even seen the first...
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    The Truth Beneath the Iris (Negaishipping Fanfic)

    Hello everybody. I am honored that you all decided to take time out of your schedules to read my first ever fanfic. Just so you know, this is going to be a multi-chaptered fic, so you can expect more chapters to be uploaded over time. Don't expect the story to go anywhere beyond a PG-13 rating...
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    What abilities would be great as new additions better if they were upgraded?

    What abilities would be great as new additions or better if they were upgraded? One day, I was just sitting around with a bored expression thinking about how much better after the upgrades it got (A natural Focus Sash as opposed to protection against Horn Drill), so I had the idea: What sort of...
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    (VGC) Tricky Sands

    Okay, so I might've done something to make the mods(Wolfey) hate me, so now I'm banned from there for who knows how long. In boredom, I thought I might as well talk about the team I'm using for the Wi-fi tourney in March. Before we begin with this RMT, I would like to thank Ben7000, a regular...
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    VGC Goodstuffs Team

    I've recently been working on a new team for VGCs and I had some time to kill while I wait for this Bleach movie to load, so I figured I'll make a RMT while I'm waiting and get some input since almost everybody on PO has probably seen it by now (finally got it working). Anyway, before we begin...
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    VGC Special! Breloom Analysis

    Introduction Hey everybody! Here's PokeMaster366 with another VGC pokemon analysis. After going through Smogon, I noticed they didn't do an analysis on him there, so I decided to make one here mainly to kill boredom. Today's pokemon is Breloom, a popular pokemon in the regular OU metagame...
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    Jolteon VGC Analysis

    Overview So I herd you liek Jolteons. Now that I got that lame joke aside despite doing it wrong, let's move on. I took a day of from RM battling just to do some more research on my team and relax after having a meltdown over it yesterday, and while I'm on Smogon, I suddenly find out that...
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    VGC RMT. Aiming for the top.

    Hello everyone. After dealing with fears that people are going to anti-team against me or steal my team altogether, I've finally decided to remake the previous RMT I made after deleting it. ||||| Krookodile @ Chople Berry Ability: Intimidate Nature: Adamant EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd...
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    VGC Team. Your weather is mine!

    I've been working for a while on a team to take to the VGCs, and lately, I've just been failing epically, but now I believe that I finally made a team that will work for me and win me a trip to Nationals, but I wanted to get a 2nd opinion on the team in case there were any weaknesses I didn't...
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    Did you see any cheaters?

    So I've been hearing a few people recently go on about the hacked pokemon they saw at VGCs, so I thought about this: Post what kind of hacked pokemon you saw whenever you played, whether it was in VGCs, the RM, or Smogon Matches.