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  1. Kdude146

    Once Upon A Time Face Off

    For Those of you who like the show Once Upon A Time this face off is for you!! Rules: - Read the SPPF and Face-off rules! - You can post any time you like as long as you don't double post. - Don't delete your votes. - Only edit if you have been ninjaed - Don't complain about anyones votes...
  2. Kdude146

    I am back

    I left the Serebii Forms back in the fall becuase I was going though a lot of stuff and I am still am but things are getting better for me and I have missed this place and I am gald to be back and am ready to get cought up with old friends and make new ones
  3. Kdude146

    Top 3 Place you want to go before you die

    so we all have places we would like to go visit before we die and my top 3 are Prince Edward Island it's Candada's smallest province it is very beutafull and peacefull there it has red sand beaches and it has been a dream of mine to go since I was 8 years old Japan any pokemon...
  4. Kdude146

    BW038: Audino and Detetctive Cilan

    Sommelier-Detetctive Dent! Tabunne Disappearance Case!! June 9, 2011 no info http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/BW038
  5. Kdude146

    Law & Order SVU

    any one here a fan of Law & Order SVU? it has been on now for 12 years and is the best Law & Order on TV! The season fanale is going to be a good one but also very sad cuz someone is going to die here is the info for that episode Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate a case where a woman...
  6. Kdude146

    Mon Colle Knights

    did any one here watch Mon Colle Knights cuz I loved that show when it was on and resantly I found someone who is going to put all the episodes up on youtube!!! if you don't know what this show is about I am going to tell you right now!!!! The series features Mondo Ooya and his girlfriend...
  7. Kdude146

    DP168 being skipped

    so I was on Bulbapedia and it says that DP169 will air on August 14, 2010 so dose any one have an idea why they are skiping DP168?
  8. Kdude146

    Giovanni in the last DP EP

    do you guys think that Jessie, James and Mewoth will go and see Giovanni in the last DP EP and tell him about how they distroyed Team Galactic and how the people of Sinnoh know that TR is out their and do you think Giovanni knows what they did with the Sinnoh Pokémon Hustle and after there chat...
  9. Kdude146

    RocketShipping 2.0

    ok becuases the last RocketShipping Thread got closed I am going to start all over again and for the two people that joined last time your still on the list RocketShipping is the theory, belief, or hope that Jessie and James of Team Rocket are or will become romantically involved in the...
  10. Kdude146

    RocketShipping Thread

    I see we don't have a RocketShipping thread but now we do :P So now you can talk about Jessie and James and the ship they have RocketShipping is the theory, belief, or hope that Jessie and James of Team Rocket are or will become romantically involved in the...
  11. Kdude146

    Executive + Butch and Cassidy

    we have 2 eps that or Unown before the movie and after the movie the Sinnoh League will start so would you like to see the HGSS Executive and Butch and Cassidy in a two part EP going after Manaphy before the movie and the Sinnoh League?
  12. Kdude146

    James geting badges in the next saga

    What do you think of James geting badges in the next gen? Do you think he could win all 8 with the help his Pokemon, Jessie's Pokemon and Meowth? I think it is a good idea cuz Jessie dose contests and she got all five ribbons for the Sinnoh Grand Festival so yes I think that James could make it...