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  1. pikadon92

    Evolving Cosmoem in SwSh

    Those who've "somehow" gotten Cosmoem in sword/shield, how does version-exclusive evolution work in this generation? Is it the case where Cosmoem evolve into Solgaleo in sword and Lunala in shield, or is its evolution locked out because sword and shield are technically neither sun nor moon?
  2. pikadon92

    LF: Shields FT: Sword Exclusives and Trade Evolutions

    Looking for Version Exclusives Seedot Line Swirlix line (preferably Swirlix @ Whipped Dream) Mawile Solrock Deino line Others Scorbunny line, either female or knocking High Jump Kick Grookey and Sobble line Squirtle Line Offers Shield Exclusives Toxicroak (M) @ Pearl String -...
  3. pikadon92

    How much higher should Sunkern's level be to beat Reshiram?

    ;191;Meet Sunkern, the one Pokemon most well-know from its lowest Base Stat Total. :643:And meet Reshiram, with 150 case Sp.Att and Blue Flare STAB super-effective power against that puny sunkern, not even overkill and describe it. But say Hypothetically, a Sunkern is battling against a...
  4. pikadon92

    Best Level to challenge Battle Hall?

    Before I start grinding my Pokemon, I want to know whether it's best to use low-level Pokemon (min Lv.30) in this battle frontier or high ones. For low-levels, you will be fighting oppoments at even lower levels, but on the other, at high-levels, you'll have much higher stats. Which way is...
  5. pikadon92

    Sunny Super Double Subway

    Sandy Super Double Subway ** THIS IS NOT A SUNNY TEAM. I WANTED TO PLAN THEM AT FIRST, BUT I CHANGED MY MIND TO MAKE A SANDSTORM TEAM INSTEAD. HENCE, THE MISLEADING TITLE. So I have not been faring well in battle subway, almost clearing the 21st streak for loosing badly. As the result, I was...
  6. pikadon92

    Giratina Origin Forme Wallpaper

    http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/115972976 This is a link to a fan-made wallpaper I made in tribute to the upcoming Pokemon Platinum Version. It is the first masterpiece I used for a desktop background in my newly-bought laptop. If you don't want to click the above link for some reason...
  7. pikadon92

    What is a good hidden power?

    Never mind about how to find the type the pokemon's hidden power. That is not the question I'm going to ask. Without spamming rare candies or a gabillion hours training a pokemon too a hundred level just to see its IVs for an accurate answer for hidden power's power (and type) using this...
  8. pikadon92

    My UE team! Am I the only one who uses that?

    Meditite (M) @ Salac Berry ** Focus Trait: Pure Power EVs: 96 Def / 182 Spd / 136 SAtk / 96 SDef Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk) - Baton Pass - Calm Mind - Psychic - Thunderpunch Baton Passer. A few calm minds plus speed to baton pass to char of 'rita Charmander (M) @ Petaya Berry **...
  9. pikadon92

    Me use net ball on surskit!

    After I checked the game mechanics for the chanse of capturing pokemon, I saw the net ball's capturing bonus and wonder what if the pokemon captured is a surskit. Will the net ball's capturing effect be x3 because surskit is a water/bug type or will the effect be x9 because surskit is both water...
  10. pikadon92

    Help with MapleSEA

    Only when I open MapleStory I cannot hear anything. Checked the system settings, but nothing was changed. I'm sure that in system settings (in-game), sound is not muted at all, they're nor muted either, had already checked the connection of the speaker & it is connected. And before that I've...
  11. pikadon92

    Who here plays Deod or Alive 4?

    Meh, the title explains all. Anyway do you really like the game?
  12. pikadon92

    Anime character you mistook as?

    Is there any characters for an anime that you mistook as (like, as an opposite gender?) Well, I thought James was a female when I first saw him >.>;
  13. pikadon92

    Check out my new netbattle level-balanced ANU (of unevolved, for some people) team.

    (WARNING: You better embrace yourself for this team, especailly because they can cause flaming) (p.s. it's NU, not ANU) A few weeks ago I used this team as a joke, since I felt bored. But of couse, I re-modified them from time to time. This team is made for level-balance only. I have an OU...
  14. pikadon92

    My lame attept of a charmander..........

    ^The pic explains all. Tried to make a maple story character from a pokemon, tried charmander but that's the result Now, let the flamming begins......
  15. pikadon92

    "Congratuations! Your eevee evolved into an espeon!" How did you do it?

    From Gold to Crystal, you can evolve eevee into an espeon by maxing it's happines in the day/morn, while to become umbreon, maz it's happiness at night. But in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, Maxing eevee's happiness will let it evolve into these two, but from 12am to 12pm, it'll become an...
  16. pikadon92

    Re-rate my colloseum team!

    This time, I'm using my original collo teams(almost all) to get my hands on ho-oh, so can anyone suggest how to improve for my team? Tyranitar Naughty@ Rock Slide Crunch* Earthquake Hyper Beam(as finishing move) Golem(from Fire Red) Adament@ Rock Slide Protect E-quake Brick Break...
  17. pikadon92

    Post all the mistakes that Chuang Yi from Singapore (or others) made from translating

    Here you can discuss what mistakes that had been made in any pkmn comics. For example, I read that Sean (or Amber, I think) said that his carvanna's HIDDEN POWER is used to create seceret hideout, but wasn't that seceret power? (also in the show, watch "The 3 team scheme" in english)
  18. pikadon92

    Instead of tainers cards....how about their pokemons' havind their opwn :D

    Instead of trainer cards....how about their pokemons' havind their owns? Yes and this is the right place to request for one! Unfortunately, I still have more templates to go. But I'm still working on fusion pokemon cards though, so please be patient. Here are the template so far: Pokemons...