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    3DS BBC IPlayer?

    I thought it would be quite cool to have BBC IPLayer functionality (like the wii) on the 3ds. does anyone agree?
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    Pokètactics What are your favourite battle tactics? Mine is a combination of speed and physical attack. :)
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    Is Zoroark too fragile?

    Do you think that zoroark's base HP, Defence and SP Defence are too low or does 'Illusion' make up for it?
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    metronome too strong?

    I was playing pokemon platinum when i came across a togepi who used areoblast on me. Togepi nearly wiped me out! has this happened to anyone else?
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    The Official Nintendo DSi(c) Photo Thread!

    This is the official nintendo dsi photo thread! I personaly do not actually have an SD card so i wont be posting any pics but if you have any I waill be running a 'Top three photos' competition every week starting on Monday. Enjoy! Cragsy Nintendo Dsi is a copyright of nintendo.
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    Which Pokemon would you put on the frontline? My choice would be Hitmonchan!