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    What 5th gen pokemon would you have liked to see have an evolution?

    What pokemon would you have liked to see have an evolution in the 5th gen? All forum rules apply MAKE SURE YOU BE SENSIBLE WHEN DESCRIBING A DREAM EVOLUTION Without further ado, LET'S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD :)
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    The Battle Subway Thread

    Pretty self explanatory, make sure you follow the forum rules and make sure you dont do anything to upset anyone :) So, without further ado, LET'S GO!!!
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    Official Dofus Forum on Serebii.net

    Hey guyz, if you have any questions, tips, tricks or simply wanna trade on Dofus then this is the forum for you. I'm on Solar and my main is so far a lvl 32 cra which i started a few dayz ago named Simipour :) It is subscribed and another thing.... PM me if you can do the pet dungeon...
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    What do you find annoying about your/somebody elses accent

    Hey guys, my new thread is about accents that are extremely annoying to you....... For me, it's my own!!! it sounds perfectly normal when im talking but when i listen to a recording, it sounds like im half aussie, half english!!!! The aussie part is the natural part.... IT MAKES ME SOUND...
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    What musical instruments do you play??? (includes vocal)

    Hi guys, i hope that many of you play at least one musical instrument out there... personally, I play 4 (including vocal) i will list them in the order i started having lessons for them: -Piano Grade 5 currently... in a few months will be my exam -Trumpet my trumpet teacher reckons im about...
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    Pokémon Nickname Discussion Thread

    Pokémon Nickname Discussion Thread All you have to do is tell us what you will be nicknaming your pokemon and why: No swear words or any other rude or gross words (there are kids as little as 6 visiting this site) Please tell us a nickname that is appropriate to the pokemon ur nicknaming...
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    reasons why you hate Justin Bieber

    Hey everyone, what is your reasons of ur hate for justin bieber..... My biggest two is he's too full of himself and he has a girlfriend that doesnt know he's gay
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    Final thoughts on White team for the start...

    Ok, u may notice that i have some moves that shouldnt be available but that is all through my pokemon black... here goes... -Energy Ball -Iron Tail -Growth -Aerial Ace -Flame Charge -Wild Charge -Return -Double Kick
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    Wut r u having for lunch???

    post what ur having for lunch and rate how much u liked it (put it in percentage, decimal and fractions) ;)
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    How fast does it take u 2 ev train ur pokes to lvl 100????

    Tell us what pokemon u ev trained and how long it took to get it to lvl 100 :)