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    Making a song with Audacity

    I know next to nothing about Audacity, but for some reason I've recorded a handful of tracks on the program(few drum tracks and some riffs) and I'm unsure how I can proceed to organize these into a single composition--or if that can even be done at all? If this subforum has any life left in...
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    Supernatural thread (spoilers) ((duh))

    There is no thread for this, hopefully there are some spn fans and this wont die straight away Season 10 premieres this coming Tuesday (countdown in my signature in case you don't know what day of the week it is), and there will be a retrospective documentary on monday. Talk about new season...
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    Favourite installment in Nolan's Batman trilogy?

    starting poll b/c bored What is your favourite movie in Christopher Nolan's trilogy about the world's greatest detective?
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    do you like rain

    Do you like rain? If it seems like a weird question, I know plenty of people that do. My friend finds it relaxing or something like that please opt to vote in the above poll, and a follow up reply to elaborate your decision would be spectacular +)
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    At their E3 conference earlier today, EA presented a sneak peek at their new Star Wars: Battlefront reboot that will be developed by DICE. Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBp4vZ5y11I It only took 8 years, but we finally got it! Whether or not it will share the same...
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    The Borderlands Thread

    i still don't know how to do that The last Borderlands thread died out on the first page, but that was almost two years ago (before the release of BL2). So let's give it another go. If you're unaware of what Borderlands is, it is a mix between a first-person-shooter and a...
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    LucasArts shut down by Disney - Many Star Wars games likely cancelled

    http://mp1st.com/2013/04/03/disney-shuts-down-lucasarts-the-end-of-star-wars-1313-first-assault-and-battlefront-3/ Disney finally put LucasArts out of its misery, and with it, goes a multitude of planned Star Wars video games. With Disney cancelling the popular show Star Wars: The Clone Wars...
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    "There are no more files" error

    Hi, I'm on my 2009 ASUS Notebook, and I've been trying to save files and it gives me an error window that says, "There are no more files" no matter what I delete or where I save it. Help? I can post more information on my actual laptop software if necessary.
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    The Voice or The [inferior] X-Factor?

    Which talent show do you prefer? I much rather the Voice, I find it more entertaining and unlike the X-Factor, the judges aren't all idiots.
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    Reason for Evil - A Bionicle Fan Fiction - PG (see rating details)

    Okay I've decided to try my hand at writing (again). I'm not the greatest, like at all, but I need to put all these cool ideas somewhere right? But I'm going to be doing, instead of a Pokemon fic, a Bionicle one. So... if you enjoy Bionicle, consider reading this, mmkay? Thanks. So this fic is...
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    Iron Man 3

    A few days ago, Marvel released an official trailer for the next blockbuster superhero film, Iron Man 3. I just got around to watching it yesterday, and I had some mixed feelings about it. For one, the trailer has a very dark tone to it that most Marvel films don't have. But I didn't see any...
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    Most people hate it, some queers people like it. What is the verdict I can't wait to see the controversy the poll options will cause
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    Favorite era of Bionicle?

    If you were a fan, what was your favourite Bionicle era? Mine would have to be the 2003 Toa Nuva era or the 2008 Phantoka / Mistika era. The Toa Nuva are really nostalgic for me and the 2008 lines are too but they also feel like the coolest, newest sets, you catch my drift? Edit: Sorry I...
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    Transformers Thread V2

    This is the thread for discussion of the High Moon Transformers games, War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, the latter of which was released less than a month ago. And just a few days ago, two DLC were released, the Havoc Pack, which gives you character parts for Ultra Magnus, Wheeljack...
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    Mac or PC?

    My mom needs to learn once and for all that Mac sucks. Obviously I'm a PC guy.
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    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

    For the love of god how do images work now It's nearly upon us, folks. The epic sequel to War for Cybertron is releasing tomorrow on August 21st (August 24th for Europe) and it looks to be ahmeyzing. If you're unsure you can play the beta and get a feel about whether or not you like it. I...
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    Autobots or Decepticons?

    Well? Which one? Also which Autobot / Decepticon is your favourite and why? ________________________________________________ For me it's Decepticons all the way, and my favourite one is Megatron, and always has been, from G1 to now. He don't take any sh*t and stomps on everybody. Just a...
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    The Walking Dead

    *Trying to get picture working* The Walking Dead is an episodic adventure game produced by Telltale Games. It is based off Robert Kirkman's comic book series with the same name (which was also translated into the hit TV show which aired in 2010). The game is so far only purchasable online...
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    Pre-paid cards won't work on PlayStation Store

    Hello for the past few days I've been trying to add funds to my PlayStation store wallet using 3 pre-paid debit cards I got for Christmas. I checked my balance, and they all have more than enough money to buy what I want. One of them is MasterCard and the other two are Visa. Basically what...
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    Trouble with images in the new version

    I've been trying to put some images in my posts recently and it never works. I do what I always did for the old version, copy the URL of my image and "Insert Image" in the post toolbar, but now when I try it always says "Invalid File" and when I try to upload it, it just attaches to the post...