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  1. Xenomata

    LF: Physical IV spread 0IV Ditto

    As the title says, I'm looking for a Ditto with the following IV Spread: 31-31-31-xx-31-00 (Best HP, Atk, Def, and Sp.D, no good Speed, and any Sp.A) Does not need to be a foreign Ditto, English is just fine. I have few truly valuable offerings and no Shiny pokemon, but below is everything I...
  2. Xenomata

    Need help with the Pokedex: Complete, thanks for the help!

    Pokedex completed, thanks any and all for the help! ... ...if you still want Competitively bred Scorbunny, HA Falinks, Stonjourner, or HA Snom, I'd be willing to discuss I guess?
  3. Xenomata

    Eeveelution builds help.

    I didn't know what to look for regarding this topic, nor where to ask a question like this, so for now this will have to do for now. I apologize if this is wrong. Anyways, I'm about ready to start IV breeding Eevee's for competitive play, and I intend to get every Eeveelution for variety...
  4. Xenomata

    Semi-new here, my introduction.

    I joined quite a while ago, but I only just now got around to getting things settled in, so my introduction is a little delayed, I apologize. I did get around to posting about my Friend Safari info though, so that's a start... I guess? My story as to how I got into Pokemon is a little...