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  1. deoxysdude94

    My First ORAS Team (Singles)

    Okay, so I'm building my first ORAS Team, and I'd like some help. I see a few holes and things I don't know what to do with, but I figured you guys could help. Anyway, this team is made to cripple the opponents, then sweep. Here we go: Espeon with Light Clay 252 HP 252 Spe 4 Def Timid...
  2. deoxysdude94

    Coo-coo for Coa Coa Puffs

    Just a competitive team I may be running. Tell me what you think: Tentacruel@Air Balloon Timid nature? EV's: ??? Maybe speed and sp atk? Toxic Spikes Surf/Hydro Pump Ice Beam Sludge Bomb As you can see, I'm unsure what to do with this. I REALLY don't wanna breed for rapid spin...
  3. deoxysdude94

    Battle Maison Team

    Here's a team I used for the battle maison. I got 31 straight wins on the super singles, so I did pretty well (for me at least). All help is appreciated. Kangaskhan@Kangaskhanite 252 atk 252 speed 4 HP Jolly Nature Power-up punch sucker punch return earthquake This thing does so...
  4. deoxysdude94

    someone talk to me

    I've been on here awhile, but a lot of my friends on my friends list have slipped away... Someone please VM me? I wanna talk to more people on here.
  5. deoxysdude94

    Unova's Challenge Team

    This is my team I beat the game with, on my white 2. Don't suggest natures or EV's, thats all set and done. I'd like to see what you guys think of this team, and whether or not you think I could beat Benga with it. I'm not concerning myself with items, since whoever is being trained at one...
  6. deoxysdude94

    Steam problems, the company's not helping

    All right, so I like to play left for dead 2. Well, every time I load the game, it doesn't load my add-ons! I've tried restarting Steam and my computer, but it's no help. Also, Steam told me to re-install left for dead 2. Yeah, well, there's got to be another option besides deleting all my...
  7. deoxysdude94

    My Next White 2 Run

    Here's my plan for my next runthrough of white 2. I'm not overly picky about natures, so I'm not going for specific ones. Don't suggest them. Abilities, meh... I'll see about that. I'm not doing EV's. This is just for fun, and for a playthrough. Tell me what you think! All help is...
  8. deoxysdude94

    Star Trek: Into Darkness

    I didn't see any thread like this, so I'm going to start one. The next Star Trek movie is due out May 17th. Here is a preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdgRx94W5ko&feature=youtu.be So, what do you guys think? I think this movie looks great, and I can't wait to see it.
  9. deoxysdude94

    DS's won't connect to each other

    2 hours ago, I connected my pokemon soul silver(which I have all 16 badges in) to my pearl version (with one badge), and they saw each other in the union room. I try to connect now, but they can't see each other. What possible explanations are there?
  10. deoxysdude94

    I'm gonna try (UU RMT)

    Alright, this is kinda competitive. I have a friend who I battle all the time, and I usually just throw random pokemon together for it. This time, I'm gonna try making a real team. NOTE: I haven't done competitive in a while, so I'm likely to have a lot of things wrong. All help is...
  11. deoxysdude94

    My PWT Team

    Alright, I'm trying to make the best possible PWT Team. I wanna beat even the champions with this. Please help me with this! Haxorus@Wide Lens adamant mold breaker EV's: 252 atk 252 speed Dragon Dance Dual Chop Rock Slide Earthquake DON'T TELL ME TO USE GARCHOMP. BECAUSE I WON'T. I SR'ed...
  12. deoxysdude94

    An Old Team Made New (Battle Subway RMT)

    Hello, sPPf! I originally used these three pokemon in the battle tower for poekmon ruby. I was beating everything SOOOOO easily when I was even at 49 straight wins... Then MY GAME FROZE. Anyway, I figured if I use the same three poekmon, and change their movesets around, it might work very...
  13. deoxysdude94

    Yet Another Pokemon Red Team

    Alright, here we go... Charizard flamethrower/fire blast dig slash submission It'll get flamethrower instead of fire blast if it learns it before the e4. Raichu thunderbolt Body Slam Thunder Wave Double Team Helps cover charizard. Victreebell razor leaf acid...
  14. deoxysdude94

    There Must Be Some Mistake... (UU RMT)

    Hello, Serebiifans! I normally don't do competitive battling, but my friend is challenging me to an UU battle, and I accepted. I WILL NOT USE HIDDEN POWER!!!!! Remember this when you rate. NOTE: I used to do competitive battling, so I know a good amount about it already. Another note: I...
  15. deoxysdude94

    Another Subway Doubles Team, Please help!

    Here's another attempt at a Subway Doubles team. Last time I made a team, it worked pretty well. Now I'd like to see what you guys think of this new team. Musharna@Leftovers Calm Nature Telepathy EV's: 252 Def spread out rest amond sp def, HP, sp atk Psychic Shadow Ball Energy...
  16. deoxysdude94

    How do I take a screencap?

    How do I take a screencap? I feel like an idiot... I tried hitting the "prt sc" button, but I don't know what to do after that...
  17. deoxysdude94

    I Need More Friends on Here

    I need some more friends on here, really badly. My best friends are losing touch... Someone please VM me :) I don't bite.
  18. deoxysdude94

    Pokemon Red Team

    I'm back with another 1st gen team! Right now, I have 4 badges, and I just beat team rocket in Saffron City, at Silph Co. I'm only using each TM once, so don't tell me to use Earthquake or something else twice. Here's my planned e4 team: Charizard Flamethrower Slash Dig Submission...
  19. deoxysdude94

    Pokemon Red Team

    I restarted my pokemon red, here's my planned team. Advice would be appreciated :) Charizard Flamethrower Slash Submission Fire Blast I want flamethrower and slash, but the other two moves are uncertain. I'm deciding whether to give charizard or raichu submission. Raichu...
  20. deoxysdude94

    Battle Subway Doubles Team

    Okay, so my last team didn't work out so well. Here's my next idea: Metagross@Scope Lens EV:s spread out in atk, HP and a little sp def Meteor Mash Earthquake Psyshock Protect Protect allows Hydreigon to use surf freely with its water gem. Hydreigon@Water Gem EV's: max speed...