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  1. J

    JTrainer's Trade Thread

    I've decided to open a trade thread here (I'd say its about time I did!). Despite me having an incredibly unimaginative username, I have some pretty good pokemon up for trade. So check' em out! Rules and Guidelines: 1. I will absolutely NOT accept hacked pokemon. 2. Please be polite 3. I am...
  2. J

    Training Pokemon for Friends

    What I mean by that is: EV training a pokemon and trading it to a friend for free. I have a friend who really has no clue how to EV train, and so relies on me to EV train pokemon for him. I hatch the pokemon, Ev train it, and then I trade it to him for a pokemon I don't need. I usually...
  3. J

    I'm back...I hope

    Yes, JTrainer's back. I know, unbelievable. Gosh, after my...um..outburst a while back, I just hope I'm not banned! If this is in the wrong section, please let me know. Anyway, about that outburst. I apologize for how I acted. It was very stupid of me. But it won't happen again for two...
  4. J

    Custom Catchphrase question

    I made my own custom catchphrases for my characters in PBR, but when I battle on wi-fi it alwyas uses the default catchphrase for my character. Whats the deal. Is there a way to use custom made catchphrases in wi-fi battles, because I've seen other players use them. Or is it just that the...
  5. J

    JT's Dream Team

    This team is competitive, I use it in the Battle Tower and PBR (my wi-fi is working again, so I've been doing wi-fi battles on PBR, I've won a decent amount, and they were not just noobs). It is also my dream team, so I won't replace any pokemon. I will change movesets, items, abilities, and...
  6. J

    JTrainer's New and Improved Team

    Here is my newly improved Platinum team and their stats: Blaziken Nature: Jolly Ability: Blaze Item: Scope Lens Moves: Blaze Kick Shadow Claw Thunderpunch Sky Uppercut Stats HP:301 Atk:339 Def:176 Sp.Atk:230 Sp.Def:176 Speed:284 Gardevoir Nature: Timid Ability...
  7. J

    JTrainer's Perfect Team

    Their not really perfect, but my best friend thinks so, so I put it there. I haven't posted in a while, so for those of you who noticed I was gone, well, I'm BACK!!! Anyway, I got platinum now! But I haven't played platinum in a while, due to my DS being taken away (temporarily that is)...
  8. J

    Metagross or Bronzong

    Who is better? I prefer Metagross. I've had him ever since my sapphire version. Plus he is uber strong and cool-looking. Sure he is a little slow, but his agility move makes up for that. Bronzong is okay, but my best friend got him first and I don't want to copy him. Plus Bronzong is even...
  9. J

    Whos better: Blaziken or Infernape

    So I ask the people of these forums, who is better: Blaziken or Infernape? I'm going with Blaziken all the way! I mean, Infernape is okay(and his speed is impeccable), but I just don't feel comfortable with a "monkey" being on my team. Besides, I have had Blaziken since my Sapphire version...
  10. J

    My Blaziken. Please rate.

    I recently raised a shiny Blaziken. Here are his statistics: HP:300 Atk:294 Def:187 Sp Def:215 Speed:255 Adamant nature I didn't list his special attack because he doesn't use it. But I am not sure if I should keep him, or raise a new Blaziken. Mainly because his attack and defense are...
  11. J

    Salamence, Dragonite, or Garchomp

    I prefer Salamence, because he's on my team, and has been since my Hoenn days. I was originally going to have Flygon on my team, but once I started raising Salamence, I stuck with him(and hes never disappointed me).
  12. J

    Blaziken or Infernape

    Blaziken, definitely Blaziken. I think Infernape's okay, but back in my Hoenn days I chose Torchic as my starter Pokemon. Since then I have developed a very strong bond with my starter, and that bond has not broken, not even in my Diamond version. To this day, Blaziken remains on my team, and he...
  13. J

    Pokemon episodes online. Where can I find them?

    I've tried Youtube, they are not available anymore(most of them). I've tried Veoh, nothing! Can someone tell me where I can find episodes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Battle Dimension(in english) to watch online? I've missed nearly every episode! I MUST see them!!!
  14. J

    Wi-Fi connection not working. Please help!

    I need the access code for Netgear in order to reconnect my Wi-fi. Can someone please tell me the code? PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  15. J

    My Wii's Wi-fi isn't working! HELP!!!

    I know, I know, I've posted this twice already. All in the wrong sections. Sorry about that. Anyway, my Nintendo Wii's wi-fi isn't working. I think it needs the acsess code for Netgear. Can someone please tell me what the code is? PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I am allowed to ask this...
  16. J

    My Wii's Wi-Fi isn't working! HELP!

    My Nintendo Wii's wi-fi is not working. I think it needs the acsess code for netgear. Can someone tell the code? PLEASE?!?!?!?! I accidentally posted this in the wrong section, but I think I have it right now. I can ask for this, right?
  17. J

    My Wii's Wi-Fi isn't working! HELP!!!

    My Nintendoo Wii's Wi-Fi connection isn't working. I think it needs the acsess code for netgear. Can someone give me the code? PLEASE?!?!?!?!? I'm allowed to ask for this, right???
  18. J

    My Hoenn/Sinnoh team (main team)

    Here are my partners: Blaziken (male) Lv.100 Gardevoir (female) Lv.100 Salamence (male) Lv.100 Roserade (female) Lv.100 Milotic (female) Lv.100 Metagross (genderless) Lv.100 Three of them are bred. Also, I prefer to NEVER use legendary pokemon in my main team, because that just makes...