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    The Underwater Ballet (PG)

    It's been a while since I've been here. I bring a new fic on my return, I hope you enjoy it! Title: The Underwater Ballet Rating: PG Shipping: Pokeshipping Chapter 1 The lights flickered when the switch was flicked. They flashed, and stayed on. The large swimming pool in the middle of the...
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    Any Tips for a new writer?

    I've been told to make my chapters a lot longer but I haven't been successful in that, and I've been told to draw out the storyline slowly, does anyone have tips on how to do this successfully?
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    I'm back!!

    I havent been on in months and now I'm back!
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    Comment on my Banners and Avatars

    Will someone rate my banners for me? These are my first few! By the way, they were made in paint. Banners: Avatars:
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    My Wants and Haves

    Wants: Celebi Lugia Ho-oh Deoxys Electivire Mamoswine Porygon-Z Cressalia Cyndaquil Treecko Chickorita Charmander Totodile Jirachi Haves: Rayquaza Latios Torterra Salamence Xatu (Lvl 100) Paras Flareon Evee Ariados Pheal Ambipom Kadabra Crawdaunt Venomoth Shuppet Digglet Pidgeot Solrock...
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    My Site.

    Its not amazing as I'm new to this. But Can any one rate my site as astarter? http://www.freewebs.com/pokemonsintoenregion/index.htm
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    I need FFIII help!!!

    I'm at the tower of owen and I cant get up, i'm too weak! what should my jobs, levels, magic and equipment be??? Please help.
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    The Hoevee Region League

    Okay. So basically, we need 8 gyms and an E4. If you wanna apply, tell me your pokemon and type and you also have to say a prize, like a TM or your signature pokemon's egg. Note: Your gym must have one eveelution in it so the gym choices are, Normal, Water, Ice, Psychic, Fire, Grass, Dark...
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    Hey guys. Does anyone agree with me that there are too many useless threads on the forum? Ever since D/P came out, loads more have joined, I'm not saying thats a bad thing but everyone that joins usually search on google "pokemon diamond and pearl cheats". I think we should cut down the useless...
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    #~~ ** Shervin's Trainer Card Shop**~~#

    Hi everyone. Ever wanted a TC? I will be happy to make you one. I can make you one with any pokemon you want. Give me the trainer sprite, tell me the pokemon and I'll make it. I'll even recolor them if you want. Instead of the trainer sprite you could give me a trainer back sprite. If you want...
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    Recolor shop.

    Request any sprite recolors and I'll try to make them for you! Here's some of my work:
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    Legends up for trade.

    These are the legends I can give. Rayquaza lvl 73 Mespirit lvl 50 Heatran lvl 100 Uxie lvl 50 (reserved-same as shaymin) Rotom lvl 15 And not so legendary, Raichu lvl 98. They are all legit, uncloned. Make me an offer.
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    Anybody want a lvl 100 Heatran?

    I have one. Its legit. I would like one of these: Celebi Deoxys Ho-oh Lugia Darkrai. Legit please.
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    Egg Farm (free-range)

    All our pokemon are kept in wide open fields and not cramped center boxes. We have very good breeding facilities and....you know. If you want an egg request here and i'll see what I can do. I can breed from a: Blastoise Bulbasaur Bellosom Tentacruel Poochyena Swellow Houndoom...
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    Sprite Recolors

    Hi everyone. I've only just started doing this. I'll be doing recolors, mainly of trainers and back sprites and trainer back sprites. I hope you leave me some comments/critism. Some trainer recolors.
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    Poke'Dex help.

    Post here if anyone needs dex help. What I need now: Burmy (female) Cherrim Barboach I hope someone can help!!!
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    themes in pokemon anime episodes

    Are there themes to anime episodes that relate to rhymes, stories and events from the real world? I remember a johto episode where the was a mareep trainer called Mary. "Mary had a little lamb". Are there any more relations?
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    The Libran Club

    I don't think one has been made. I'm a Libran. Libran's are better than nyother zodiac star signs.
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    I wish I could tell you how much I love you...(contestshipping) PG

    I'm changing the name of this fic. I think It will be more suitable. Coloured Roses -------Chapter 1-------- In a thick lush forest, a teenage girl was trying to find her way through the thicket. She had brown hair tied up in a red bandana. She wore an outfit matching her bandana. She...
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    I wish I could tell you how much i loved you...(contestshipping) Rating:PG

    well here goes.. my first fic.. i hope you like it.. --------Chapter 1--------- In a thick lush forest, a teenage girl was trying to find her way through the thicket. She had brown hair tied up in a red bandana. She wore an outfit matching her bandana. She held a brand new PokéNav. It was...