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    The Isle of Armor & The Crown Tundra DLC - GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread

    With the July season, Urshifu will be legal alongside the Muskedeers and the returning and new Pokemon from the Isle of Armor.
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    Ash: A Timeless Encounter (1068)

    If I remember right from the Sinnoh days, winning the League means getting an invite to battle the Elite Four and Champion. Being an Elite Four member also gives you the right to challenge the champion, and a unanimous vote from the Elite Four can appoint a new champion or invite a new...
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    The Faults of Gen I

    One of my biggest gripes with the RBY series is how the more open-world environment affects the difficulty and your progression in the game. The game starts off pretty straightforward up to Celadon City, where you get your 4th Badge, but after that is when the world starts opening up with...
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    Community POTW #083

    The general consensus on Dragalge will probably go something like this: Dragon/Poison is a good typing that covers its bases well enough, and a decent 97 Sp. Atk backed by Adaptability is great, but its Speed kills it so much and the low health isn't exactly a selling point when you're using it...
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    Pokemon Quest (Pokeminecraft?) Discussion

    Okay, so I just started playing this game recently, and right now, I'm stuck in Worlds 7 - 10. This seems to be where the long grind begins, and right now, I'm just going to grind ingredients and levels. My main team so far is Alakazam, Venusaur, and Shiny Poliwrath. What have you guys been using?
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    The Faults of Gen VII

    Main gripes with Gen 7 are the slow start and the alterations made to the story going into US/UM. Another issue is that the Battle Tree is essentially worthless now that we have Mantine Surfing. Unless it becomes more like the Frontier, there is no point to it.
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    Is Pokemon Duel played, or at least acknowledged by anyone here?

    Game is fun enough, but has a lot of mechanics meant to benefit the players who are involved religiously or invest hundreds of dollars at once every month on a technical level. It makes it hard to stay invested for a long period and no good from a competitive standpoint.
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    Are ultra sun or moon worth getting?

    If you play Pokemon games mainly for the story, then, sorry to say, vanilla Sun and Moon are the superior product. Hau may be handled better in the Ultra series, but the overall story takes quite a few hits, especially in consistency, in an attempt to include the Ultra Recon Squad and the...
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    Gold, Silver and Crystal on 3DS VC - Discussion

    If that's the case, I think I'm just going to wait until Crystal comes out. Gold and Silver are nice and have Ampharos, but me, personally, I consider Crystal the most complete of the bunch. Sure, you miss out on some decent Pokemon, but you get the Battle Tower and access to some of the better...
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    Gold, Silver and Crystal on 3DS VC - Discussion

    Personally, I'm a little salty that we don't have Pokemon Crystal. Don't know why that wouldn't be included with the rest on release day.
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    Raid Battles

    I think all of the Raid Pokemon are guaranteed to have decent IVs to some degree (I assume their IVS are determined by a roll between 10 and 15 instead of the usual 0 to 15).
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    GO Recent Happenings Thread

    Just did a raid for Lapras. There were so many people hanging out. Caught the Lapras, and it had good I Vs. Got some TMs, too, which let me get Hydro Pump on Vaporeon, so pretty darn good.
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    Raid Battles

    Just did two raids today. One for a Flareon and another for Lapras. Got lucky and caught Lapras AND got some tms. Used a TM on Vaporeon and got Hydro Pump.
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    Raid Battles

    Did my first official raid today (Solo raids don't count). Teamed up with 9 other people to take down a Tyranitar. Caught it within 3 balls. Now he's a new member of the team.
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    Gym Rework

    On the plus side, you get a short break after every battle, so it's much easier to take Pokemon out one at a time with no repercussions.
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    Pokémon Shuffle General Discussion

    So does anyone know where I can find any information on the Skill Boosters and level bonuses now? I wanted to know the proc. rates for Freeze+, but I don't know where to look.
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    Pokémon Shuffle General Discussion

    Decided to forget about the Safari this week to focus on grinding Hydreigon. I got 2 stages in a row where I got an RML, and Hydreigon is at SL3 now. I think I'll stop when I hit 4 with him.
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    Pokémon Shuffle General Discussion

    I used the extra hearts to get caught up on the main stages. I even got ready and did an all item run on M-Aggron...only to find out that Aggron was frozen behind barriers anyway and completely ruined my run.
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    A Tiny Trio on a Big Adventure!! (959)

    Who knows, for all we know, the new art style might be there for both reasons. At any rate, it still works out in our favor.
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    Pokémon Shuffle General Discussion

    I just got my speedup, coins, and hearts from Lovechu. In unrelated news, I just got three hearts into the new Safari and already ran into Shiny Rayquaza and caught it. Thank you to whoever told me to use Beedrill.