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  1. Chimchar15

    The Rite of the Island Challenge Discussion Thread

    I figured we could have a thread to discuss possible gym leaders/elite four their designs, types, and possible story involvment. I would love a dark type gym but he/she doesn't need to be brooding, maybe a sarcastic attitude.
  2. Chimchar15

    EA's Press Conference

    Well I didn't see a thread for this so I made one so we could discuss EA's press conference. So far I say it's better than Microsoft's conference, I'm really interested in Need for Speed: The Run.
  3. Chimchar15

    Hardest Unova Gym Leader

    OK so I decided to make a poll on who people think was the hardest Unova gym leader and why. For me it was Clay. Krokorok and Palpitoad were easy wins but Excadrill destroyed me twice before I managed to beat Clay. Anyone else had a gym leader who was a pain?
  4. Chimchar15

    Sym-Bionic Titan

    For those of you who don't know CN has a new show called Sym-Bionic titan. This show was actually pretty good. I was created by Genndy Tartakovsky who if you don't know also created Dexter's Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends and Samurai Jack. All I can say is this...
  5. Chimchar15

    How bad is your day going?

    This is a thread for everyone and anyone who is having a not so good day a needs someplace to vent. Today I failed my dmv road test. It was my first try and I did good for the most part but a parallel parking was off a bit and my left turns were a little to wide.
  6. Chimchar15

    Would You Like James to participate in Pokemon Musicals?

    To me James has been getting less and less attention in the anime compared to Jessie. It wasn't that bad in AG when Jessie started doing contests because she wasn't good, but in DP she got more attention and even managed to make it to the top 4 of the Grand Festival. Basically I would like James...
  7. Chimchar15

    Assassin's Creed Thread

    I'm really surprised this hasn't been made yet. I recently bought both Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed 2 and they are great games. Nice story and awesome gameplay. I already put $5 down on Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. So what are your guys thoughts on these games and what do you guys...
  8. Chimchar15

    Avatar: Legend of Korra

    Any of you who has seen the movie Avatar that was released a few months ago guess what! This isn't the thread for you. Now for all you fans of the avatar series it was recently confirmed that a new avatar series is being made. For proof of this statement here's a link to help prove this is true...
  9. Chimchar15

    Arc Rise Fantasia

    This game is about to be released in USA next month. It's a Fantasy like RPG and I've visited the site and learned more about the characters. This game looks really cool and one I've been waiting for for the wii. What do you guys think about it. Here's a link to the U.S website. Also the music...
  10. Chimchar15

    Hell's Kitchen Season Seven

    Well guys Hell's Kitchen seasons seven starts tomorrow June 1st at 8pm on Fox. I just saw the preview and this season looks like it's going to be very interesting. Here's a link to the fox page. Ok guys here is the list of the competing chefs Blue Team: Andrew...
  11. Chimchar15

    Duel Terminal Varion Descends!

    Well since I couldn't find the old thread for this I made a new one. The full list for this duel terminal is out now. http://shriek.twoday.net/stories/6253468/ Three new archetypes are introduced which includes the Varions, Gemknights, and the Lavals. I think all these archetypes are great and I...
  12. Chimchar15

    Star Strike Blast

    Well a new booster pack has been announced. Here's a link. It is set to be released on July 17th. No, this is not an April Fools joke. So there will be more support for the Scrap and Elec archetypes, and apparently there will be a new archetype released in this pack as well. The cover card...
  13. Chimchar15

    Duel Terminal - Vairon Descends!!

    Here's a link to the page. http://shriek.twoday.net/stories/6193065/#comments New archetypes include Gemkinghts, Veryon, and Laval. I like the Gemknights. With more support they can definitly be tier 1. They already have search power, and the fusions aren't bad, especially Gemknight...
  14. Chimchar15

    DS Successor Development

    This was posted on bulbagarden. Be warned as it contains some information that has not been confirmed yet. Discuss.
  15. Chimchar15

    Best One Piece Intro

    Which out of the nine intros(not ten like some think) would you say is the best or at least you favorite. Mine is the sixth, Brand New World, that one is too awesome.
  16. Chimchar15

    Best Scary Movie

    Which scary movie do you think is best, mine are 1 and 2.
  17. Chimchar15

    Best Anime Fights

    I just thought that we should have a thread where we can discuss our favorite anime fights. Mine is where Luffy fought Lucci in second and third gear and finished him off with the jet gattling gun. That was truly awesome.
  18. Chimchar15

    If you could choose the next one piece cew member

    If you could choose the next one piece crew member If you could choose the next One Piece crew member who would you want it to be. I'd prefer a comedian since Luffy loves people who can entertain him.
  19. Chimchar15

    One Piece!

    How many other people are loving one piece right now especially with the fact that Brook is now a part of the one piece crew.;392;
  20. Chimchar15

    Avatar New Episodes!

    If you don't know yet, two new avatar episodes are out now. There's even a new preview for the final epiusode too.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w9Sx0gOGRo